World Economic Development Congress

8th Annual Water Summit, Sept. 22-24, 1999

Repositioning Your Global Investment, Business and Risk Portfolio: Lessons from the Global Finanical Crises

Goran Lindahl, President & CEO of Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) delivered the keynot speech on Thursday, Sept. 24th. Mr. Lindahl made a strong case for risk spreading throughout the world to reduce impact of national economic crises while being in a position to take advantage of emerging markets.


Goran Lindahl of ABB
Bill Reinhardt probing for satisfactory response Rebecca Mark demonstrating size of growing market
Bill Reinhardt, Publisher of industry bible Public Works Financing posing a probing question to Rebecca Mark, CEO of Asurix, the dynamic new entry in the water/wastewater service industry. Ms. Mark captured the attention and imagination of the audience with her riveting imagery of  the growth potential of the industry.

Mayor Patrick McManus giving a heartfelt plea to cnferees to spread the word of the benefits of public-partnering. Too, often, he told the audience those forces opposed to privatization (organized labor, municipal mangers, etc.) set the agenda for public debate. The water companies should be proactive in telling the benefits of public-private partnering in our industry

Pat McManues Pleas for Industry Advertizing
ladies in waiting Some registrants brought wives and staff members to assist in speech preparation and exhibit booth set-up. Here two staff members are taking a break outside the Omni Shoreham Hotel in the brilliant sunshine of the first day of Autumn. Networking and business plans flourished amid the pressured examination of an industry in the throes of great change.
Water and wastewater industry leaders such as Richard Heckmann, (pictured at right) former CEO of US Filter, now President of Vivendi, delivered a  message predicting strong and continued growth in water delivery and filtration services. While shying away from characterizing our industry as the "new internet" he does anticipate excellent opporunities for aggressive companies willing to take advantage of the growing need for potable water around the world. Richard Heckman delivery powerful industry message
Bill Reinhardt, PWFinancing


Bill Reinhardt, publisher of a popular trade journal, eagerly fielded questions from audiences filled with representatives of emerging market nations and government officials.     
greenspan & summers


Larry Summers (right) and an unidentified, dour, colleague respond to audience questions [file photo].

Kenneth Lay, CEO and Chairman of Enron Corp gave an overview of world conditions and opportunities. Ken Lay -- CEO Enron Corp
Yas Sir !

Of course, not everyone who who loves the microphone attended this year's Summit.

"If there's one conference that really is worth the trip...this is the one!   Make it a point to reserve early for next year!"

World Congress IS THE ONE!