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New facility to be constructed near San Antonio, TX

HARRINGTON PARK, NJ, March 25, 1998

United Water Resources (NYSE:UWR) today announced that its affiliate, United Water Services, has signed an agreement for the first design, build and operation of an ultrafiltration water treatment plant in the United States for Bexar Metropolitan Development Corporation (BMDC) of San Antonio, TX. The BMDC is an industrial development corporation formed by the Bexar Metropolitan Water District, which provides water to about 250,000 residents in the San Antonio area.

The new high-tech water treatment plant would be part of a 10-year, $30 million agreement between United Water and BMDC. Under the terms of the contract, United Water will be responsible for all aspects of designing, building, managing and operating the new surface water structures including the ultrafiltration water treatment facility, raw water intake, raw water pipeline and pumping station. BMDC will own all the facilities, provide financing for the construction project and construct a six-mile pipeline to bring safe drinking water to key points on the west side of San Antonio.

"We’re excited about bringing the ultrafiltration water treatment technology to the San Antonio community," said Donald L. Correll, chairman and CEO of United Water. "This new process was developed in France by our strategic partner, Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, where it produces some of the finest drinking water in the world. The innovative process is called "Cristal" by its developers because of the premier quality of the water being delivered to customers’ taps."

The innovative ultrafiltration process provides an absolute barrier to unwanted particles in finished water through removal of solids, organics and pathogens.

According to David Sherman, president of United Water Services, the new ultrafiltration water treatment facility could be operating by December 1999. "Although the major benefit of this new process is great tasting, clean water, other advantages include less time and money spent constructing the plant, which means we can meet the community’s needs on time and on budget," said Sherman.

The new ultrafiltration plant will treat water from the Medina River, making it the first facility in the San Antonio area to treat river or lake water. This represents a major step in reducing water demand on the Edwards Aquifer.

"This is truly a win-win situation for all concerned," said Tom Moreno of BMDC. "Our residents will be getting a water treatment process that ensures that we will receive drinking water of the highest quality available on the market today. This partnership for water services will be a historic step for this community. United Water is committed to bringing the vast resources of all of its team members in an effort to provide the best water facilities and services to our residents at the lowest possible cost."

United Water Services, headquartered in Harrington Park, NJ, is a leading provider of water and wastewater services in North America. The company is a joint venture of United Water Resources (NYSE:UWR), the nation’s second largest investor-owned water services firm, which provides water and wastewater services to more than
6 million people in 19 states, and Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, the world leader in environmental infrastructure services, which provides water and wastewater services to more than 70 million people in 120 countries.

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