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  • Water quality is declining in most regions, affecting the diversity of freshwater species and ecosystems
  • Poor water quality is a key cause of poverty. Around 3.1m people died in 2002 as a result of diarrhoeal diseases and malaria, 90% of whom were children
  • The world will require 55% more food by 2030, increasing the demand for irrigation which already accounts for 70% of all freshwater used by humans
  • Many places are "losing" 30-40% of water through leakage and illegal extraction
  • Political corruption is estimated to cost the water sector millions of dollars every year and undermines services

From recently released UN study.


Water Quality

Rivers run with drugs

Reader's Digest rates water quality of US cities

School girl science project finds fast food ice dirtier than toilet water

The water you breathe

Tap water issues

How do common water pollutants effect us?

School girl science project finds fast food ice dirtier than toilet water

New Congressional infrastructure report

"Privatization of Water Services in the United States"

New report casts brighter light on municipal outsourcing

Case studies of public-private partnerships

New report forecasts double digit growth for membrane market

Worldwide Water and Energy Supplies

Federal money needed for water industry

The Environmental Benchmarker & Strategist

"Privatization of Water Services in the United States"

New report casts brighter light on municipal outsourcing

Case studies of public-private partnerships

New report forecasts double digit growth for membrane market

Worldwide Water and Energy Supplies

Federal money needed for water industry

The Environmental Benchmarker & Strategist

Global Water Intelligence awards
GWI presents the best of the world of water



Archaea: first life.
the oldest "new" treatment of wastewater
Archaea -- first life, from the dawn of time
Archaea -- from the dawn of time -- this earliest form of life may be
the newest treatment to reduce nitrogen, ammonia, sludge and odor
from wastewater treatment facilities 

for natural, biological organic decomposition in wastewater facilities?

What is archaea, part one? 

What is archaea, part two?

Can archaea hold the key to everlasting life?




Dealing with terrorism of our water systems

Al Queda's plans for your reservoir

Issues and answers for a new world of fear



Complying with GASB 34
.pdf files / presentations

Managing your water system through GASB 34 compliance

GASB 34 compliance from NYS Office of the Comptroller

Water Around the World

North Americans on average use a staggering 2000 gallons of water per person every day. At the same time, nearly half the world's population doesn't have enough water for adequate sanitation.


hudson river.JPG (22066 bytes)
Hudson River, New York

Just how much water should you drink?

Effects of dehydration

Can America's rivers be saved?

America's aquifers are shrinking...land is sinking

Tap water pregnancy scare
Hampton Roads, VA discovers clusters of miscarriages
linked to chlorine in drinking water 

Is American tap water safe for pregnant women?
Millions of Americans have been drinking tap water
contaminated with byproducts from chlorine that
studies suggest may not be safe for pregnant women.


Another response to world-wide water uncertainty
“And also I have withheld the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: One piece was rained upon, and the piece whereupon it rained not withered” (Amos 4:7).


Rabbis in Brooklyn claim NYC water isn't kosher

Massachusetts towns struggle with private partnering decisions 

Stockton, CA -- Myths / Facts

What went wrong in Atlanta? One man's opinion

Atlanta considered and reconsidered

USFilter offers speakers for media events

Black & Veatch / Thames Water produce manual on grandular filter operation and maintenance

Click this to check the quality of your home drinking water.



Bugs bite on British Beaches 

Florida's best beaches 


Puerto Rico water supply
Puerto Rico water system under pressure
The problem is water supply
The problem is not water supply
The problem is water service

Puerto Rico water has problems but it's not their fault  
Puerto Rico dangerously near permanent drought

The World 

Israeli water and biosolids program helps deserts bloom

Statistics of worldwide water and connection to energy supply

Dr. Kelly Reynolds' three papers on what is in your tap water, what it will do to you long-term, why bottled water won't help.

The Very Sad Story of Water
Is mankind a cancer on nature?
We can get by with our available water supply...why don't we?

Latest Study Shows US per Capita Water Use Drops
Although Wealth Increase in Lawn Watering   

Half world's hospital beds for water caused illness

World Water Usage and Distribution

Water Around the World

...the rest of the story
Click here for dozens of stories and reports on water consumption and plans to avert international drought



Low-Tech Water/Wastewater Treatment


D.ethenogenes bacterium eat toxic pollutants

Bolivia to us Llama dung to clean wastewater

Revolutionary New All-Natural Sewage Treatment System

Relies on Sun and Greenhouse Effect to Clean Wastewater Cheaply

Seattle Gardening Techniques Demonostrate Zero Run-off



Recycling from Sewage or Sea
and Desalination

The cost desalinating seawater plummets -- millions benefit

aquifer storageStoring water underground
Newest techniques to recycle and store water underground

Desal production around the world

Georgia recycles and stores water with no reservoir

Florida relies on high-tech water manufacturing

Projected growth in desalination market

click here for dozens of articles on water recycling, reuse and desalination


Ultraviolet Light

Ozone replacing chlorine for drinking water

Cheap new filtration technique for Bangladesh

Disinfect Your Water with Free UV Technique

New Breakthrough in Ultraviolet Disinfection

New Ultra-Filtration Process for Israel

Zenon to MicroFilter New Zealand

Cheap New Filter Removes Virus

New Cheap UltraViolet System from U.S.Filter 

US Army Tests Ammonia to Replace Chlorine



bottled water may soon exceed beer sales !!!Bottled and Filtered Water

Utne reader says bottled water = privatization conspieracy

Oil for non-degradable water bottles in US could power 100,000 cars

New corn-based biodegradable water bottle

Bottled and Filtered Water

What is really in your bottled water

Water vs. Coca Cola

Bottled water soars in 2002 in popularity -- which is best?

Home filtration units compared by purchase price,
life cycle cost and elements removed

Which in-home water filtration system is
best for you and your budget ?

Newest wrinkle --nicotine water!

Home water filter price and quality comparison chart

Bottled Water: A Waste or Worth It?

Quality of Bottled Water is Questioned

Bottled Water Flying Off Shelves

Profile of Buyers of Tap and Bottled Water

The Need for Regulation of Bottled Water

What's Better: Brita or Tapwater?

What to Look for Shopping for Bottled Water or Home Filtration

New source of ancient water...16,000 year old purest water

Water Industry Demands Bottled Water Testing

Is Bottled Water Bad for Teeth?

Sales of Household Tap Filters Soar!

What Kind of Home Filter to Buy?

Home water filter price and quality comparison chart

Water Industry News suggest you learn more about home filters 



Fluoride: Blessing or Worse?

New Study by NAS questions fluoridation

Dentists prescribe

Dannon to offer fluoridated bottled water

Burlington, VT to vote on fluoride

Tennessee DEP questions fluoridation

Rockland, NY: fluoride-free sixty years 

Fluoride Causes Cavities?

Fluoride Blessing or Curse?

Filters Remove Needed Fluoride

Fluoride in Water Now Seen as Possible Health Threat

Fluoride Does Not Cause Bone Loss -- maybe



Water Filtration
African Women Walk Miles for Dirty Water
Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux (parent to United Water) develops
African Water Management Faulted

Bolivia may use Llama dung to clean wastewater

Technique to Filter and Distribute Water in Africa

French Build Water Systems Around the World

Unique Way to Study Sewage: in toilet stalls!

$1 Trillion Needed for US Water Systems

Test Your Water Quality



Usage and Wealth Distribution Surveys

McIlvaine study shows strong growth in water industry

Survey Shows Americans Are Content with Personal Life

Astonishing Facts of Human Consumption!
Brought to you by the United Nations

America Uses Less Water -- Amazing !
from the New York Times

Less Water... in Fewer Words
From CNN News

The Virtues of Tap Water from Texas

White wine may be just fine

Global Corruption of Nations...
Where is Your Country?

Private Operations of Public Wastewater Treatment
Why invest in the water industry?
Is this the time to invest in water?
Why privatize?
Water Industry Study
Opportunities in the water industry
IRS opens door to private use of tax-free bonds

Survey shows private water firms excel
Case studies of public-private partnerships
Blacks see conspiracy in water privatization
Why should private companies operate public water systems?
Poll shows Canadians oppose public-private partnering
Privatization views of Canada's organized labor
Industry opponents debate water partnerships

wpeAB.jpg (3711 bytes)
Debra Coy
VP Schwab Capital Mkts
Sr. Water Industry Analyst


water_privatizations-small.jpg (14821 bytes)

produced by:
Public Works Financing







Water Quality
& Water Costs

The Infrastructure Issue

Water Infrastructure News reports on water infrastructure costs and sources

Activists protest consolidation of private water company growth

Congressional report on infrastructure
and operating costs

The danger of Federal grants

FREE report:
Reason Institute's how-to guide "Long Term Contracting For Water and Wastewater Services" at:

"Privatization of Water Services in the United States:
An Assessment of Issues and Experience."

You can get a copy of the report by calling 202/334-3422 or by visiting http://www.nap.edu/books/0309074444/html/index.html

Bush opposes infrastucture bill HR 3930

S-1961 ...a pdf file

Senate prefers industry infrastructure
improvement program

  Private water association warns against massive infrastructure grants program

Non-point runoff -- #1 cause of groundwater pollution

American Water Works' James Barr: local government pay for system upgrade without Federal help

Debra Coy: Infrastructure upgrade could cost household $11 - $40 per month

Who Should Pay for the Cost of
Water System Replacement?

Late News on the Drumbeat for Federal Infrastructure Money

Private Indsutry's Explanation of Infrastructure Costs and Answers
PDF Acrobat File

Non-Civil Service View of
US Infrasturcture Shortfall

PDF Acrobat File

Side-by-Side Comparison of
Private and Public Sector Perspective
of Infrastructure Investment

PDF Acrobat File

The Need for Federal Infrastructure $

Water Industry Council Director
Opposes "Needless" Federal Grants

US Communities Rankle at Cost of Replacing Old Water Pipes

Georgians Want to Pay for Better Water

Ohio Senator Geo.Voinovich Proposes
$3 Billion/year Federal Aid to Cities

Miami Suburb May Double Rates

Revenues of Water Companies

Personal Water Consumption
by US City


EPA Activities
ARSENIC and Other
Drugs in our Water

EPA reinstates strict arsenic limits

New arsenic standards to cost small communities over $200M/year

Sec. Gale Norton's Dept. of Interior rolls-back Clinton-era mining regulations, parks and forests

Christie Whitman treated like "wind dummy" by her own administration

House votes to reinstate Clinton-era arsenic regs

EPA delays Clinton era regs

EPA drops arsenic regs

Environmentalists outraged
at reversal of regulations

How much arsenic is too much?

Bangladeshis die of arsenic
arsenic distribution in the US

EPA Raises Standards for Arsenic

Australia finds hormones in wastewater

Arsenic in Oakland, MI to cost billions

Utah gets hit hard to reduce arsenic

Key to Arsenic Cancer...endocrine

Simple fern may remove arsenic

Hormones and other drugs in water

Anti-depressants in New Mexico water


Public Private Partnerships

Write a Winning O&M Agreement

by Dan Elias, Esq.

Rockland County, NY design-build-operate leg.
The water industry consolidates -- who's next?
With financial stress cities turn to privatization

PriceWaterhouse Study of Privatization 
What is Public-Private Partnering?
Good and Bad of Con Ops in Florida
Cost of Services in Birmingham, AL
Reasons for Public-Private Partnering
U.S. Water Systems and Private Workers
What Drives Cities to Privatization?

Privatization Legislation in New York
One County's Recent Labor experience with Privatization


US Contract Operators (by size '03)

US Contract Operators (by size '01)

US Contract Operators (by size '99)

US Contract Operators (by size '98)

Regional MapRegional Markets
Click Map
for State for Survey

New Jersey
New York



What Labor Fears In Privatization
by Doug Herbst

Urban Water Council Survey of Public-Private Partnering
5 Reasons to Partner
6 Impediments to Partnering

New IRS Rules Allow Long-Term Contracts

Rockland County gets enabling legislation 

Rockland County, NY D-B-O Legislation

Empire State Report

A Time of Choice...a Time of Change in the water industry

US EPA Gives you Advice on Water Testing

Test Your Drinking Water?

Larkin, Pataki & Rampe
Privatization Legislation
Press Release

  USEPA involvement
in Public-Private Partnering

special from the WIC

WIC Position on
EPA Guidance
in Public-Private Partnering

Precious Fluids

What is this thing called private water?

Statistics of Resistance to
Public-Private Partnering

by Doug Herbst

Proposed Legislation for Pennsylvania Public-Private Partnering S. 380

How Government Encourages Privatization

Privatizing Your Water-Supply System
Procurement Decision Guide: A Work in Progress

from EPA Region
Information Archive

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