March 27, 1998 At a press conference held today, OMI signed an agreement with the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET) and the Department of Energy (DOE) to manage, operate. maintain, and rehabilitate utilities systems and infrastructure located at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The 10-year agreement is worth an estimated $14 million a year and has two optional five-year renewals. The project begins April 1.

OMI will provide a wide range of utility services. includingt potable water treatment and distribution; sanitary sewage collection and treatment; sanitary water and sewage sampling and analysis; fire protection water system maintenance; stormnwater management; steam generation and distribution; compressed air production and distribution; nitrogen storage and distribution; natural gas distribution; road, sidewalk and parking area maintenance; groundskeeping; and leased buildings maintenance.

The project will further CROET’s and DOE’s goal of reindustrializing the East Tennessee Technology Park by enabling CROET to offer competitive utility rates to attract and retain private tenants. OMI will save DOE and CROET’s tenants $750,000 during the first year of the contract, $1.5 million during the second year. and $2 million annually for the remainder of the contract.

"This exciting partnership among CROET, DOE and OMI creates a powerful new model for the privatization and reindustrialization of federal facilities," says Mike Tubbs. "This agreement clearly establishes OMI as the industry leader for these services.