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2000 - 2002

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Bangladesh dying from high arsenic levels
Severn Trent joins with AdEdge for arsenic solutions to small communities
Atlanta water system falling apart?
Stockton, CA to host marathon public hearings on water partnering
Australian women to perform nude raindance
Florida Water Svcs objects to forced sale
Fayettville considers water/wastwater surcharge
Stockton, CA advances to private operations
Tisbury, RI tries to dump Earth Tech engineering
New Jersey to try new techniques to squeeze more water for drinking
Singapore to recycle and desalinate water
Zenon sells its largest ZeeWeed to Singapore
Vivendi pulls-out of water industry
China welcomes private partnerships
Is Pres. Bush using EPA to punish Democratic strongholds?
Delaware considers underground storage and wastewater re-use
New Orleans abruptly cancels privatization effort
PIRG report says most wastewater treatment plants in violation
California water agencies rate state legislators
OMI plant in Norwalk investigated by Feds
PSC buys another small PA wastewater treatment company
Jackson, MS awards expanded contract to Severn Trent Services
California advances desalination
California water storage system rejected
Mass. Air Force water treatment plant burns
Georgia voters rank water with jobs and schools
Stockton -- today's battleground on privatization
What went wrong with the Atlanta water project
Severn Trent awarded operations of Alamogordo, NM
Severn Trent gets Baltimore audit contract
US Filter's equipment division sold for $620 Million
Stockton, CA to unveil bids for private water operations
Wilmington, DE explores desalination from Zenon
Atlanta to review United Water contract
Len Graziano appointed CEO of Severn Trent USA
Stockton, CA moves to privatization referendum
Severn Trent awarded UV and Chlorine contract by Flagstaff, AZ
RWE of Germany to end buying blitz with one "last" acquisition
Stockton, CA citizens resist secrecy of contract ops proposals
Tisbury, MA selectman add to Earth Tech consulting contract
SUEZ buys US Water for subsidiary United Water
Tisbury, MA wastewater treatment plant to cost $1 million more
Albany, NY gets $115,000 to help plan water security
Bridgeport, CT to re-bid private operations of wastewater plant
New York State allows Rockland County design-build-operate wastewater systems
Vivendi to sell controlling interest in environmental division
Stockton, CA does not agree to privatization referendum
Victor Mercado, VP of Thames USA, to head Detroit, MI water system
Severn Trent teams with Apyron Technologies offer anti-arsenic solution
Webster, MA hit by e.coli contamination
Mike Stump, former PSG Pres. guilty of bribery
Severn Trent Services get renewal of Louisiana contract
Philadelphia Suburban rolls-up more water systems
EPA to invest heavily in water security
NYC does not have to filter Catskill-Delaware watershed if it invests
SUEZ creates new environmental division
Oconee County, GA to build new wastewater treatment plant
Florida man arrested threatening to poison MA water
Zenon ranked best corporate citizen of Canada
Vivendi may sell environmental services
Fitchburg, MA rejects sewer improvement program
New Bedford, MA to consoidate, regionalize and reduce staff
NYC officals object to criticism of terrorist protection
Vivendi sells all of its stake in Philadelphia Suburban
NYC water system vulnerable to terrorist attack
Orlando aquifer contamination
RWE seeks new chief
United Water wins Puerto Rico water operations contract
Vitamin enriched bottled water is newest wrinkle in $2 Billion/year market
Coming drought questions cooling water for power plants
Earth Tech wins pharmceautical wastewater treatment plant
Covanta Energy files Ch. 11 bankruptcy
Woolseley of UK to buy Clayton of Florida for $110 M
Rockland, NY examines gray water recycling
US Filter proposes DBO with 20 yr contract for Buffalo, NY 
Alabama construction company president convicted of Egyptian bid rigging
Enron's Azurix walks from Argentine contract
Bridgeport Mayor Ganim bribery trial date set
E'Town to process wastewater of new Patriots stadium
Tampa Bay ranks six sites for desalination plant
United Water offers Delaware City seasonal water swap
Indianapolis may buy private water company to keep rates low
New York City faces dire drought
New York City wastewater treatment plant to generate electricity from fuel cells
Wash. DC, awards United Water largest US meter contract


Indianapolis to outsource enitre water works
Metropolitan Water Dist. CA seeks proposals for ocean desal
ECO Resources wins five year, $1 million R/O operating contract
Zenon stock soars on analysts valuation
Zenon sells $8 million ZeeWeed to German wastewater plant
Michael Chesser chosen Chairman/CEO of United Water
NSF/EPA verifies new technologies from Severn Trent for water disinfection
Philadelphia Suburban "rolls up" Consumers Ohio Water and Paupack Water
WPC bursts on scene
EPA unveils rule on industrial cooling water regulations
Pennsylvania DEP proposes improved stormwater management
Innova Water Company to market sports bottle anthrax filter
American Water completes acquisition of Azurix
RWE to acquire American Water
RWE buys Thames Water
Suez / United Water parent reports strong quarter
Steps to safeguard water supply -- Bay Area
Dept. of Interior rolls back Clinton-era environmental regs
Legislators worried about water supply safety
EPA says anthrax risk to water systems small
Tampa Bay desalination plant OKed by courts 
Florida Water earnings flat for quarter
Government contractor develops contaminant "sniffer"
Bay College, Mich., revives water program; seeks instructor
EPA establishes water protection task force
Taunton Engineering expands sales force through Hydronics and US Sales
Syracuse conference of mayors judged a success
Azurix-America wins 10 contract for London, Ontario
EPA grossly underestimated effect of arsenic in water
Suez now trades on the New York Stock Exchange
American Water Works to be bought by German utility RWE AG
Taunton Engineering wins major project in NYC
Kansas City mayor vows to freeze water rates and meet standards
John Joyner Joins IMG as Managing Director of development
Hudson, MA may stop new sewer hookups
EPA slammed on poor enforcement
Florida Water bids for Citrus County public utility
America's aquifer is shinking; land is sinking, sewage can't flow, water can't be drunk
EPA catches environmental violators -- big fines, long jail terms
American Water Works to acquire Azurix North America
House votes to restore Clinton-era arsenic standards
United Water wants out of the real estate business
Bush administration seeks 18 month delay of river and lake cleanup
Zenon in filtration pact with ONDEO Degremont
United Water granted 10 year extension to Hoboken contract 
US FDA will NOT regulate Cryptosporitium in bottled water
Florida Water Co operators beat all competitors
NRDC sues EPA for failure to regulate arsenic
Bergen County Executive may veto utility authority's ending privatization talks
Bergen County NJ drops privatization -- cuts 2/3's work force
Azurix awarded $2.6 million in new contracts
Feds investigate Bridgeport con-ops contract
Florida water forced to over-charge customers to subsidize needy
Zenon sells $7million ZeeWeed contract to Samsung
New London, CT seeks consultant for new con-ops contract
Seattle to raise water rates, once again
Zenon wins $10 Million membrane contract in Italy
Mark Strand appointed head of Government Affairs for American Water
Florida Water employee named paralegal of the year
Wet wipe wars...Procter & Gamble to battle Kimberly Clark for moist wipe market
Zenon get $17 million in new orders for Zee Weed
Seattle awards CH2M-Hill / OMI with DBO project
Bush may restore arsenic restrictions
American Water Works buys Citizens Utilities' Arizona Water
Bush's 2001 EPA budget
Seattle tries new plan to share savings with wastewater plant
New Jersey union defends against OMI contract operations in Bergen County
Bush rejects Kyoto Accord but would consider alternative emission reduction
Senator Barbara Boxer introduces bill to set chromium 6 standard
Orange County, CA in first phase of sewage recycling
Dutch utility Nuon buys Utility Inc. of Northbrook, IL
EPA head, Whitman, ignored by Bush on carbon dioxide promise
Whitman denies Bush betrayed his promise to her
Georgia establishes first water planning district
Severn Trent takes Oklahoma contract from US Filter
Seattle wins achievement award, in part, thorugh DBO approach
Seattle to surcharge new sewer hook-ups
Fayetteville, AK to fix sewers with one cent sales tax
Bergen County, NJ Con Ops negotiatin with OMI stuck by labor travail
New Orleans plans contract operations
Vivendi profits are up on 35.2% profit gain in water services
Zenon awarded $5 million shipboard sewage system
Watchdog group reviews New Orleans procurement
King Co. Washington Copies Corporate Practices
Detroit Votes Rate Hike of Ozone Treatment
Atlanta Sewer Works Win One-Day $ Strike -- New Costs Coming?
City of Indianapolis to Buy Private Water Company
American Water Buys Coatsville, PA Water System 
Detroit Approves Rates Hikes Up to 11.6%
Zenon Teams with Evac for Shipboard Sewage
Christie Whitman, Gale Norton Confirmed for EPA and Interior
AMSA Tells Nation Federal $ Needed for Water/Wastewater System Replacement
USFilter Gets Labor Support for Contract Renewals
Seattle Expects Higher Water Rates
Seattle Sewer Plant to Test Fuel Cells
Christie Whitman Unanimously Endorsed by Committee
Gale Norton Endorsed as Sec. of Bureau of Land Mgmt
Michigan Water Rates to Climb
Pittsburgh Interviews 7 Water Companies
Environmentalists Fear Bush  
Rio Rancho, CA to Self-finance $21M Arsenic Reduction
Herbicide-free Gardening to Save the Salmon
Fort Smith, Arkansas Rehabs Water / Sewer System with Sales Taxes 
New Toilet Tissue Coming, Soft on Bottoms, Tough on Pipes?
EPA to Tighten Sewer Regs, Cost to Cities: $100 Billion
Sen. Boxer Pushes for Tougher Chromium 6 Restrictions
Pasco County, FL "Municipalizes" Private Water Companies 
Stockton, CA Requests Proposals for DBO
Upper Dublin, PA Seeks to Sell Sewer System
Atlanta to Raise $4.5 Billion for Sewer Pipe Replacement
Seattle Celebrates Water Conservation
Los Angeles Spills Sewage 2000 Times in 5 Years
Pittsburgh Rushes to Hire New Management Company
Water Industry Council joins Nat. Council of Public Pvt. Partnership
Ohio may triple water and sewer rates
Christie Whitman named Administrator of US EPA
Tampa Bay may increase rates to lower water usage 
Alabama Workers Fight Privatizaton
Don Correll Retires from United Water
Alabama County to Borrow to Increase Sewer Expansion
Arkansas Town Votes to Expand Sewer Capacity and Raise Rates
OMI Wins Malcolm Baldrige Award for Excellence


100 Votes Separate Leaders as 1,500 Votes Discarded
United Water's Virtual Plant Could Save Cities Millions
Lame-duck Congress May Award $1.5 Billion for Sewers
Earth Tech Awarded 10 MGD DBO in Scotland
US Filter Opens New Jersey D-B-O
Enron Buys Back Azurix
Ionics Signs for Largest De-Sal Plant
Atlanta Suburb Planning 1 MGD Wastewater Plant
ATG Wins $4.3 Million Wastewater Con Op
Earth Tech Wins Wastewater Contract in Washington
Southwest Water acquires two Austin companies
Feds probe Atlanta water system bid-rigging
Thames acquisition of E'town approved
Vivendi Environmental in strong move to cut debt
Ionics lowers earnings expectations for 3 Qtr. 00
Germany's RWE to Buy Thames for $6.5 Billion
Thames Gets $6 Billion Takeover Offer
Tainted bottled water strikes NYC
Bechtel gets huge Bay Area water system project
Coors beer spill kills fish
Rebecca Mark resigns as CEO of Azurix
US Water Takes Springfield, MA -- Biggest in Con Ops in New England
Key West to Hold Water Rates
OMI Resumes Negotiation for Bergen County, NJ
Lori Doyle Named Vice President for American Water Services
Philadelphia Suburban Buys Summit Water System
Pennsylvania DEP Recalls Coliform Contaminated Bottled Water
Birmingham, AL Votes Against Privatization of Water System
Bergen County, NJ Con-Ops Award Delayed
Details of Suez-Lyonnaise Purchase of United Water
Vivendi deal may be doubt
City of Santa Monica Sues Oil Companies for MTBE in Water
Miami Beach Still Too Contaminated for Swimmers
Asurix Takes Two Deals from U.S. Water in New Jersey
Ionics to Build Huge Caribbean Desalinization Plant
Vivendi May Shed Water Business
Messier of Vivendi turns Utility into Cyber Media Giant
Alabama to Spend $15 Million for Wastewater
American Water Gives Customers More Info Sooner
New York City May Spend $6 Billion for Filtration
Philadelphia Suburban Buys Applegrove Water
Los Angeles Fears Sewer Water Reclamation
Aquarion's BHC Buys Village Water System Company
Philadelphia Suburban is Fastest Growing Water Company
Philadelphia Suburban Buys Fulmor Heights
USFilter Awarded $1.4M/yr DBOF Kentucky Contract
Atlanta Must Spend $2 to $4 Billion to Upgrade Wastewater Facilities
Penn. State Senator William Slocum Convicted, Imprisoned Deposed for Polluting
U.S. Filter to Design, Build and Operate Tampa Bay Facility
Iltron Awarded Automated Meter Reading by Denver
Badly Polluted Beaches Threaten United Kingdom
U.S. Filter Designs, Builds and Operates Recycle Plant in Hawaii
Phil. Suburban Buys Another Water Company
Atlanta Awards O&M Contract to OMI
Vivendi Sells Metcalf & Eddy
Randers-Killam Merges with Thermo Electron
Phil. Suburban Rolls-up Another Wastewater System
Tampa Bay Chooses US Filter for $135 Million DBO
"Erin Brockavich" Awakens Water Fear
Southern Company to Operate Virgin Island Water and Power
VERSAR Awarded Con Ops Army Contract in New Jersey
Opposition to Wastewater Plant Operated by Phil. Suburban
United Water Offers Homeowners Pipe Insurance
Huge Investment Urgently Needed for Water Infrastructure
Zenon Awarded Big UK Contract
Lucent Tech and Wessex Water Join in High-tech Water Software
Schmidt Named CEO of Aquarion BHC (Kelda Group)
Southwest Water (ECO) Wins Bakersfield, CA Con Ops
McInerney New Chairman of Aquarion BHC (Kelda Group)
Feds to Research MTBE Removal
American Water Services Launches New ConOps Services
AquaSource May Build Desalinization in Massachusetts
Salt Lake City Residents Plead for Clean Water Spending
United Water Shareholders OK Lyonnaise Buyout
Asurix to Invest in, or Operate Pritchard Alabama
Oregon Crowds Protest Water Rates
Twenty-Two Mayors Receive Awards of Water Excellence
Southwest Water to Offer Contract Operations through Inland Pacific
Albuquerque, NM Tries to Buy Private Water Systems
ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller Help Florida Acquire  Water and Wastewater
Kelda Group (Yorkshire Water) Purchases Aquarion
Canton, Ohio to increase water rates by 50%


Portage, Ohio to monitor water usage by remote computer
Water Utiliites to Use Internet to Bill in New Century
Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux to Merge with Nalco
Atlanta fined $2.8 M for Sewer Lines
Water Plants may not be Y2K Ready
Job Losses in UK Water Industry Spread to Wales
Yorkshire UK to Cut 500 Jobs
Anglian UK to Cut 400 Jobs -- Severn Trent to Cut 1,100 Jobs
Alabama to Build $15 Million Filtration Plant
Akron to Spend $ Billion to End Water Pollution
Thames Water, LLC to Buy E'Town of NJ
Ohio City Ends Con Op Talks with Help From Malcolm Pirnie
Azurix in Dogfight with Syngro over Bio Gro
Click this for draft EPA Privatization Guidelines
American Water Works Buys San Jose Water
Bergen County Picks OMI Over United Water and PSG for Wastewater
Little Rock 39% Muni Water Rate Hike Inflames Ratepayers
New Jersey Residents Demand Sale of City Water Company
Zenon Environmental Wins Big New Zealand Project
Florida Sewage Spill Threatens St. Lucie
American Water Works to Buy Citizens Utilities' Water Unit
AmericanAnglian Dissolved -- American Water Buys Joint Venture
Asurix Buys J&J Barker to Gain Foothold in Florida
Gulfport Votes to Privatize
Aquarion Merger with Yorkshire (Kelda Group) Approved
American Anglian Wins Strongsville, OH Project
Citizen's Utilities to Sell Dozen's of Con Ops Projects in 22 States
Recovery Engineering (PUR water filters) Bought by Proctor & Gamble
Suez Lyonnaise Buys All of United Water Resources
Contract Operators Burned in Birmingham; City Picks Own Staff
David Chardavoyn Named President of Thames US
Malcolm Pirnie Chooses Garret Westerhoff Chair/CEO
Atlanta Fined $700,000 in Addition to $2.5 Million ... Big Changes Expected
EPA Mandated Gasoline Additive Polluting Ground Water
Discontent EPA Employees Cast Doubt on Agency Value
AmericanAnglian Signs Moore County, NC
United Water Takes Pro-Active Approach to Prevent Crises
American Water Works to Buy Projects from United Water in 4 States
Zenon to Buy Back Shares to Raise Stock Value
US Water's Clients Are Now Y2K Compliance 
City of Camden Finally Gets Good Water 
American Water Works Acquires Natinal Enterprises
Suez Lyonnaise to Acquire Nalco Chemical Co.
Chicago to Try Ozonization to Replace Chorine
Dames & Moore Bought by URS Corp.
Atlanta Under Pressure to Increase Wastewater Capacity
Atlanta Municipal Error Spills Sewage into Chattahoochee
Well Water May Cause Ulcers
IRS Now Allows Portability of Employee Benefits for Privatization
Azurix and Its IPO Stock Value Holds Strong
Trojan Splits Stock -- Does Well With UV Purifying
Kansas City Considers Privatizing Water -- Unions Oppose It
Pennsylvania to Drink Recycled Wastewater
Illinois Appropriates Funds for Private Water Operations
Yorkshire Water Buys Aquarion
California Bond Issue Proceeds
Philips Sale to Asurix -- Done Deal
Chattanooga Shenanigans -- Mayor Under Fire
American Water Works Buys Empire District Electric
United Water Growing Fast ... Adding Computer Services
Raftelis Estimates Chattanooga to Save $107 Million Re-Privatizing
Chattanooga Determined to End American Water Works' Franchise
Pur Filter -- Brian's Story
Consultants to Water Industry Earn $10+ Billion
California Water Services Group Reports 67% Gain
Vivendi to De-merge Water Utilities
ECO Resources Gets 5 Year, $3 Million Contract
Atlanta Privatization: Round Two Coming Soon
Competition for Atlanta Wastewater Facility to be Fierce
NJ's Whitman Threatens Water Quality -- Water Companies Protest
State-by-State Review of Funds Allocated for Water
Lyonnaise des Eaux Awarded Major China Water Contracts
Lyonnaise des Eaux Invests $9 Million in DNA Pathogen Detector
Arsenic Common in Private Well Water
Changes at the Top for American Water
Milwaukee RFQ for Commercial Services Available Here, Now
Milwaukee Provides Answers to RFQ for Commercial Services
US Water Reports Early Success in Camden, NJ
Bottled Water Quality Questioned by NRDC
Vivendi to Buy US Filter
Enron to Issue $350 Million Initial Public Offering for Asurix
Philip Water Services to Sell Out to Asurix
California Water to Buy Dominguez Services
Arsenic in Public Water at Dangerous Level According to Panel
Portland Considers Conservation-Priced Water/Wastewater Rates
Toronto Rebels at Consulting Costs
Puerto Rico Inceases Aqua Alliance Contract
Birmingham, AL   NEW RFP -- Proposals Due March 19, 1999
Birmingham, AL  Project Description
Philadelphia Suburban Cleared to Buy Coatsville Wastewater System
Chattanooga, TN Receives 6 Qualifications Packages
Bergen County Union Now Fights to Privatize Utilties Authority
Bergen County, NJ, Issues RFP for Long-Term Service Contract
Union Official Accused of Stealing Members Money in Milwaukee 
Lynn, MA Plant Tour Feb. 9, 1999
Lynn, MA RFP Avail., Proposals Due May 3, 1999
Naugatuck, CT Seeks to Replace Private Operator
Camden, NJ to Award 20 Year Contract to US Water
Joint Meeting, NJ, Requests Oral Presentations
Earth Tech Signs Gardner, MA to $33 Million Design-Build-Operate
South West Water Receives $2.3 Million Contract
Don Correll Predicts Strong Industry Growth
Phil. Suburban to Buy Plumstock Water
Springfield, MA to Outsource Wastewater Facility
Crypto Outbreak in Texas Municipal Water Facility
“Civil Action” Strikes Fear in Hearts of New Jersey-ites
Autism Cluster Found in New Jersey
Do N.J. Clusters Really Mean Anything?
Sacramento Wastewater Discharge Soars: Stronger Enforcement
Atlanta Signs United Water to U.S. Biggest Con-Ops Deal
Atlanta Privatization in Capsule
U.S. to Treat 25 MGD of Tijuana Wastewater
Water Engineering Management WIC Article on EPA Privatization
Water Environment & Technology Article on WIC vs.EPA
Water World and Water Engineering  Report on WIC Actions
Severn Trent Unites in Houston
Earth Tech to Acquire Rust Engineering
Georgia Can REQUIRE Privatization of Non-Complying Plants
United Water Services to Build Ultrafiltration Plant in Texas
Evansville, IL Praises American Anglian Partnership
United Water Services Signs Milwaukee
OMI to Manage DOE Facility for $14 Million

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New Orleans professional agitators stir trouble at  privatization
•    New Orleans about to throw in the towel
•   Stockton water employees get big severance payment
•   Phoenix awards DBO to American Water
•   Hoosac water authority fined by EPA
•   Mike Stump to be sentenced
•  Zenon awarded $34 million contract in Georgia
•  Zenon preselected for Gwinnett, GA
•  Tulare, CA  may privatize wastewater plant
•  Tulare, CA considers privatization 
•  United Water drops out of New Orleans procurement
•  Citizens of New Orleans to vote on privatization
•  New Orleans' Mayor Nagin fires two anti-privatization members
•  New Orleans Sewer & Water Board annual budget
Louisiana legislators assures New Orleans referendum on privatization
•  Severn Trent and Adedge chosen by EPA for arsenic removal
Phoenix privatizes water
•  Pensacola seeks $150 million for odor control
•  Paris, TX must raise water rates, fire 13 employees or privatize
Tulare, CA is considering privatizing wastewawter operations
Stockton deal nears last hurdle -- union approval
Term limits in Stockton threatens privatization
Feds to privatize hundreds of thousands of jobs
Zenon gets Stockholm Industry Water Award
USFilter in conflict with New Orleans
Frostburg, MD blames rate increase on privatization
Peoria and Springfield, two sides of the same issue
First rooftop solar system for wastewater treatment system
Venice, FL plans to privatize wastewater treatment
Black & Veatch snags Chicago water system mater plan  
New Orleans Mayor fires director of water board
Christine Whitman resigns as EPA Administrator
New Orleans Mayor vows to fight water privatization referendum
First wastewater solar PV panels
Louisiana legislature orders New Orleans referendum 
Florida panhandle has cleanest, safest beaches in USA
Hoosac extends proposal deadline to June 4, 2003
Hoosac chairman quits over privatization
Most of New Orleans opposes privatization
Pascagoula, MI awards c0n-ops to OpTech
New Castle, DE presses ahead in sewer line DBO
New Castle, DE may contract sewer DBO
Odor removal technique -- cheaper and better
Pascagula considers DBO
New Orlean's Mayor Nagin fights  for privatization
Pawtucket RI finally awards 20-year, $45M D/B/O to Earth Tech
Coast is almost clear for Stockton private partnership
New Orleans to study Atlanta
Paris, TX considers public private partnership
Qunicy, IL gains $ on EMC wastewater partnership
Lady Lake, FL debates privatizing DPW
Woonsocket to refinance USFilter O&M
Stockton, CA limps towards privatization
Pittsfield, MA wooed by USFilter
Pawtucket, RI wants / doesn't want Earth Tech
Pawtucket, RI questions Earth Tech and USFilter
New Orleans opponents still active
New Orleans restarts privatization
New way to test water -- automatically
New Orleans tries privatization...or managed competition
Iraq war distracts global water management planning in Kyoto
New bio-chemical water contaminant detector
New Jersey requires upgrades quality of reservoir water
New Jersey finds 154 contaminants in drinking water
Whittier CA recycles superfund wastewater
Tampa rethinks wastewater recycling
New Orleans re-starts privatization efforts
Stockton City Council approves contract with OMI-Thames
Stockton leaders speak about contract
Stockton vote Wed. -- but battle may continue
Tampa Bay desal due to start late, but soon
Anglian Water / AWG buyout offer
French defend against foreign water control
Atlanta ends 20 year privatization after 4 years
What went wrong in Atlanta privatization?
Volusia County, FL considers ocean desal
Ohio county considers private partnering for water/wastwater
New York State faces $12 billion budget gap
Black & Veatch awarded $450 million BOT
Zenon wins CDN $30 million ZeeWeed contract
EPA gives EMC award for quality
Tampa desal plant to go on line
EPA to change enforcement procedures
Mass. Water Resource Auth. to raise rates and layoff workers
Los Angeles among the worst water pollutors