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Connecticut Yanks Want No-Cost Upgrade

Naugatuck, in southwestern Connecticut, is seeking to replace its local, private operator for the past 10 years with a national firm willing to upgrade and operate its wastewater treatment plant and sludge incinerators at no cost to the borough or its partners, Uniroyal Chemical Co. and the town of Middlebury.

The RFP was issued on Jan. 22 with responses due Apr. 2. Plant tours will started on Jan. 11. For access to the 10.3-mgd plant, 48-dtpd multiple-hearth sludge incinerators and document room, contact Douglas Ritchie at (203) 723-1433 after Jan. 4.

By selling excess capacity to treat septage, wastewater and sludge to other towns and businesses, Naugatuck Treatment Co. (NTC), an affiliate of Uniroyal, has operated the system and funded most capital improvements for the past 10 years at no cost to its three owners.

NTC has agreed to give up the contract if a new asset manager will commit to funding denitrification and air pollution control upgrades, paying a concession fee and providing "other economic benefits," all from monetized savings and ancillary revenues developed under a 20-year management contract.

To boost revenues, the new operator would be allowed to modify the treatment system and expand sludge processing.

Advising Naugatuck Mayor Timothy D. Barth are Alternative Resources Inc. (Jim Binder at 978-37 1-2054) and subconsultants Hawkins, Delafield & Wood and Raftelis Environmental Consulting Group Inc.