Township of North Brunswick
New Jersey

greenball.gif (104 bytes) 20 Year Concession Contract

greenball.gif (104 bytes) Customer Billing and Collection

greenball.gif (104 bytes) 10 MGD Surface Water Treatment Facility and Water Distribution System

greenball.gif (104 bytes) Wastewater Collection System


Many mid-sized American cities are facing the constant challenge of providing quality municipal services with decreasing federal and state funding and without raising taxes. In 1985, the Township of North Brunswick turned to US Water to provide quality water services at affordable prices. A series of annual contracts with US Water solved the water quality complaints, but in 1995 the Township began investigating ways to rectify fiscal problems.

Enabling Legislation

In 1995 legislation was passed which allowed the Township of North Brunswick and US Water to join in a long-term public/private partnership for providing the Township’s wastewater. Under terms of the laws, the New Jersey Water Supply Public-Private Contracting Act and Wastewater Treatment Public-Private Contracting Act, a private firm may make capital expenditures on behalf of a public entity, and provide a range of services including operation, maintenance, administration, financing, design of facility improvements, and construction.

Financial Benefits

greenball.gif (104 bytes) $6 million up-front concession

greenball.gif (104 bytes) $24 million in annual payments

greenball.gif (104 bytes) $23.2 million to defease Town’s utility debt

greenball.gif (104 bytes) 33% reduction of overall North Brunswick debt

greenball.gif (104 bytes) Continued control over assets and rates

greenball.gif (104 bytes) Overall benefit to tax-payer of $45 million


As a result of US Water’s new partnership with North Brunswick, US Water was able to help solve the Township’s fiscal problems of maintaining a high level of water quality and service. Under the agreement, the financial benefits North Brunswick received included the concession contract to meet the Township’s financial and operational needs. In addition to core services, US Water also provides billing, fee collection and customer service, and major tasks such as water meter change-out program, infiltration/inflow reduction program, and industrial user charge program.

Contact Information

Paul Keller, Business Administrator

710 Hermann Road

PO Box 182

North Brunswick, NJ 08902