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Water Industry News
October 14, 2013

General Electric to buy BetzDearborn
will be powerhouse in industrial water treatment
for $1.8 billion, in cash, buying the second-largest maker of chemicals used to remove pollutants from water that flows from refineries, manufacturing plants and power generators will make GE second largest in the business to Suez SA in France.

E'Town Water in 20 yr contract to process
wastewater of new Patriots stadium
Applied Water Management, Inc. has been awarded a 20-year
contract to operate the wastewater treatment and recycling
system for CMGi Field, the new home of the New England Patriots
being constructed in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The new system,
will be the largest wastewater recycling system in the northeast.

United Water offers goundwater-surface water seasonal swap

Delaware City, Delaware could benefit financially from the water
sold to United and would have a backup system in case
of problems with the water supply.

Can Indianapolis keep rates down by kicking private water out?
The city's purchase of the Indianapolis Water Co.
will save the average homeowner more than $6 a month by
averting the utility's plan to seek a 30 percent rate increase
according to city officials, who have pledged that water rates

won't budge for at least several years if the city's proposed
$515 million purchase of the utility is completed.

Earth Tech breaks ground on $120 million
Chinese wastewater plant

The Xi Lang wastewater treatment plant for the city of Guangzhou, China is the first Sino-American agreement of its kind. Guangzhou, with 5 million residents, is a major international trade city in southern China, about 100 miles from Hong Kong.

New EPA arsenic standards to cost small communities
over $200 million per year
USFilter to market Geman technology for water systems and homes  

Indianapolis seeks contract operator for all of its water system

Indianapolis is seeking a Letter of Qualifications for an
operator to manage virtually all aspects of the operation,
maintenance, repair and management of the waterworks
including, raw water supply, treatment and distribution,billing,
collection and other customer services, as well as capital planning,
design and construction-management services. The City will retain
title to all assets and oversight responsibility for the waterworks sysem.

California seeks proposals to desalinate
enough water for 400,000 people
Lower costs from new technology encourage the
Metropolitan Water District of Calif. to seek proposals
to desalinate seawater. Proposals from the the District's 26
member agencies are due 4 p.m. Feb. 14, 2002.  

Michael Chesser new Chairman / CEO
of United Water

EPA unveils rule on industrial cooling water regs
New rule will govern the design, capacity and construction
of new facilities at about 121 new factories and power plants
over the enext 20 years.

China to start massive Three Gorges water project
despite environmentalists' concerns

Yangtze River to send water north to parched cities and farms --
Chairman Mao would be pleased

World lakes said to be overused and polluted
"One billion people at risk from polluted lakes," say world experts

Dealing with terrorism

Severn Trent's ClorTec on-site disinfection
approved by NSF/EPA

"On-site disinfection technologies have become an important way
for drinking water systems to maintain disinfection chemicals'
availability while amanging hazxardous chemical inventories
and reducing the risk of accidental or deliberate releases"

Legislators worry about water supply
experts recommend "guns and guards" short-term
With over 27 billion gallons a day consumed nation-wide, state legislators are fearful that terrorist attacks woudl de-stabilize the nation. While expert testimony suggests high-tech long-term solutions, right now, only more guards with guns can help. 

Government contractor develops "sniffer" for
gas and water contaminants
Sandia labs testing real-time telemetric "black-boxes" that can detect
and transmit evidence of minute gas or water VOC contaminants.
Sandia sees applications in "millions" of sites as small as a buried
storage tanks to multiple sensors at reservoirs

...other industry news

Zenon sells largest membrane reactor
Zenon will be supplying its proprietary ZeeWeedŽ membranes
to the world’s largest municipal membrane bioreactor plant.
The new plant, in Aachen, Germany will treat wastewater
for 80,000 with a contract value of $8 million.

Delaware River Basin Commission seeking input to develop watershed protection program affecting four eastern states

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