Welcome to the Forbes Conference of
Infrastructure Investment

John Joyner and Walter Howard
John Joyner, Senior Vice President of United Water
confronts Walter Howard, Senior Vice President of
Poseidon Resources, Inc...a couple of drinks away
from friendship.

Central issues discussed at the conference centered on the progress of the water/wastewater industry...including the EPA grants prgoram right to proposed exemption from taxation for private public benefit water projects meeting at Forbes
Jay Macrensky and Janet Corcoran Jay Macrensky, Executive Director of the International Private Water Assoc. meets Janet Corcoran, powerful vice president of General Electric's Financial Insurance Guaranty Corp.


Janet Corcoran at the Forbes reception amused at an irreverant comment of Doug Betts, Managing Director of  the Borealis Fund. jJanet Corcoran and Doug Betts
Walter Howard and Ken Molli Walt Howard of Poseidon Resources discusses the opportunities for meter replacement with Ken Molli of Badger Meter.
Robin Olsen, Construction Consultants International Corp., points to the guru of public-private partnering...Roger Feldman, Partner of Bingham Dana Gould. Feldman-Olsen
jJohn Joyner

John Joyner, Senior Vice President of United Water led the panel of infrastructure development.

Natalie Cohen and Janet Corcoran
Natalie Cohen and Janet Corcoran