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September 17, 1998

Mr. Haig Farmer
Privatization Coordinator
Municipal Support Division
United States Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W. (Mail Code 4204)
Washington, D.C. 20460

Dear Mr. Farmer:

On behalf of the National Association of Water Companies, the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Water Industry Council I am pleased to transmit to you the enclosed checklist we have prepared for your consideration. We sincerely appreciate EPA’s interest in our proposed checklist approach to Executive Order 12803 review procedures. Through continuing dialogue among public and private representatives of our groups, we’ve developed a document that we believe presents a fair, straightforward and effective process.

The guideline checklist reflects the earlier comments of our four organizations on EPA’s Draft Guidance for the Privatization of Federally Funded Wastewater Facilities and our discussions with EPA at various meetings over the past year. We are very pleased that our groups, broadly representing the public and private leaders of partnerships in communities today, have agreed on this proposed approach as the most workable way of protecting the public as mandated in Executive Order 12803 while preserving the rights of local government. We believe that the approach presented here is a concise and easily followed guide for host local governments and their private sector partners. We understand that as EPA guidance it may require expansion and re-formatting. It is our desire to work closely with EPA to develop final guidelines as soon as possible.

The partnerships that innovative cities are creating with private companies are becoming an important and integral part of our Nation’s efforts to build and manage efficient and affordable wastewater treatment systems. The success of these partnerships will be crucial to our continuing ability to protect the environment and public health.

We hope that this effort in refining the E.O. 12803 review process will be an additional step in the continuing productive relationship between the Federal Government and the institutions and people it serves. Please let us know when we can be of further assistance.

Very truly yours,

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 Larry Chertoff

Water Industry Council



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