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Environmental Market Analysis, Inc.                                                         2012 to present

EMA is an independent consulting firm that analyzes and develops water, wastewater and waste-to-energy projects for public and private sectors and public private partnerships with emphasis on the long-term concession commercial model.


Alinda Capital Partners LLC., Director                                                      2006 - 2012

Developed water and wastewater portfolio for $7.5 billion infrastructure fund. Projects included:

Archaea Solutions, Inc., Senior Associate                                                2002 - 2006

biotech company developing archaea, a sub-bacterial organism, to reduce organics in wastewater streams, developed a marketing strategy and gained contracts for the company with Westchester County Dept. of Environmental Facilities, City of New York DEP , Springfield , MA , several facilities in Connecticut and Maine and is developing an industrial market in the paper industry, food products and petrochemicals.


EMA Consulting Services, Inc., President                                                1992 -2002   

provided water and energy advice to:

alternative and renewable energy sources:

solid waste management:

§  developed community-based recycling programs

§  evaluated waste-to-energy technologies

§  analysed mixed materials recovery facilities

water and wastewater treatment systems:

§  identified agricultural waste compost markets for dried municipal sewage sludge

§  analyzed watershed protection and remediation programs


Clients services of Environmental Market Analysis performed by Lawrence Chertoff


PowerLIght, Inc.

§  identified opportunities to locate photovoltaic solar panels for investor-owned water treatment facilities

§  developed working relationship between client, PowerLight and Keyspan for an innovative tax structure for a solar panel array on a not-for-profit institution


Iseki Utility Services, Ltd., public private partnering

§  market advisor to this developer/manufacturer of wastewater vacuum collection systems

§  exclusive manufacturer’s representative in New York and Connecticut


Severn Trent Environmental Services, Inc.: public private partnering

§  identified market opportunities for water and wastewater contract operations

§  identified and developed strategic alliances to gain market share in the NYC watershed

§  developed industrial wastewater/sludge incineration project at major plastics company

§  identified and negotiated acquisitions of a water and wastewater operating companies

§  represented the company at government and environmental advocacy group meetings


Solar International Trading Corp., Inc.

     researched and developed markets for recovered materials for recycling and composting

     researched and analyzed disposal markets for de-watered municipal sewage sludge,


Liberty Environmental Systems, Inc.

researched and analyzed markets and disposal opportunities for Westchester generated dried municipal sewage sludge (95% solids),


Chambers Development Company, Inc.

researched and analyzed rail-haul transportation costs of New York City de-watered sludge (22%-25% solids) for Chambers’ financial advisor,


Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corporation: sewage sludge processing

·         retained as market advisor for disposal of dried industrial and municipal sewage sludge processed by an indirect heat dryer, managed project sale for sludge drying and burning,

·         successfully developed $ 2.5 million sludge drying project at Glen Cove , NY wastewater treatment facility,

·         developing $1 million sludge drying facility at a plastics company in South Carolina


Taunton Engineering Corporation: materials handling

·         advisor to Board of Directors on markets and applications for custom-built materials handling systems for sludge processing,

·         successfully developed a $450,000 materials handling facility at a wastewater treatment facility


Angel Technologies, Inc.

analyzed and developed new market for medical waste fuel derivatives


Bridgewater Resources, Inc.

analyzed and advised on financing of county-wide materials recovery facility,


Independent Energy Corporation, Inc.

researched and analyzed “green wood” and waste-wood availability for proposed wood-to-energy facility in central New York State


Technochem Environmental Systems, Inc. Medical Waste-to-Energy,

 Vice President Business Development 1988 - 1992

     researched, analyzed, created and implemented marketing strategy to promote U.S. sales of energy recovery incinerators to serve hospital and municipal waste disposal markets,

     conceived, designed and directed all permitting and financing of contaminated soils and cosmetics incinerator,

     designed and implemented direct mail marketing campaign to introduce European incinerator technology to US market,

     developed projects ranging in value from $800,000 to $40 million.


Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation / Pennsylvania Resource Systems, Inc.: 

                                                                  Waste-to-Energy, public-private partnership 1979 - 1988

     advised and directed PEC’s successful entrance into the waste management industry,

     negotiated lease/sale of two major MSW incinerators valued at over $120 million each

     selected and negotiated acquisition of critical technology licenses,

     created quick access database/cash flow computer program,

     introduced Italian rotary kiln technology to US market.


Getty Synthetic Fuels, Ind ependent Advisor, methane recovery-to-pipeline natural gas, public-private partnership                                                                                                                                                 1978 - 1979

researched and developed landfill gas recovery marketing strategy


Pullman Co., independent Advisor                                                                                    1977 - 1978

Managed liquidation of Gordian Assocs., a government environmental consulting division


New York City, Deputy Administrator, Environmental Protection Administration      1971 - 1977

·         advisor to Office of Public Advocate, City of New York

·         advisor on NYC watershed and privatized water and wastewater contract operations to Office of Comptroller, City of New York

·         founding Director of New York City’s newspaper recycling program

·         member of NYC Board of Standardization; established a price premium for City purchase of recycled products

·         founding (Acting) Director of New York City’s Energy Office

 Associated Projects:  

Water Industry Council: Founding Executive Director                                                 1996 to 2002

National Council for Public Private Partnerships, Director, Water Institute               2002 - 2003

Through the Water Industry Council I organized the educational activities of multinational, investor-owned, water service companies and used this tool to introduce public sector leaders to the benefits of private sector partnering.

As executive Director I was responsible for:

§  membership growth and services

§  funding development and growth

§  organization and production of three to five conferences per year, including innovative      interactive conferences, peer-to-peer seminars, multi-day, multi-national conferences

§  development and implementation of Council programs and policies

§  acquiring conference and seminar corporate sponsorship

§  arranging for audience-attracting lead speakers and panel participants

§  legislative initiatives to improve business opportunities for the private water industry


Water Industry News  <> Publisher/Editor                                         1997- present

Developed and maintains a commercial-free, public access web site to provide water/

wastewater public policy information, facts library, news, career assistance. This site continues to grow my extensive network of leaders in the water and energy industries.

Organization Membership


·         Water Industry Council, Executive Director

·         National Association for Public Private Partnerships

·         Environmental Action Coalition, Director and former Vice-Chairman

·         New York League of Conservation Voters, Director

New York City Educator

Licensed, certified New York City/State social studies teacher, adjunct professor and guest lecturer, New York University , Environmental Affairs, Public Administration


Master of Arts, Economics, graduated with Honors 1971

Area of concentration: Public Regulation

New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty, NYC  

Master of Arts program, Education, 1968-1969

Hunter College , CUNY


Bachelor of Arts, Economics, graduated 1967

New York University , University Heights , Bronx , NYC



Privatization of Water Services in the United States ,” National Academy Press, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, 2002  

“Public Perceptions and Community Relations,” in The Solid Waste Handbook, A Practical Guide, John Wiley & Sons, 1986.  

“The Price of Power,” (Co‑authored) Council on Economic Priorities, 1971,  Monthly column in Global Water Intelligence --  2004 - 2006


EMA Consulting Services, Inc.

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