Led by Larry Chertoff an environmental economist EMA Inc. has:

Market Research, Analysis and Development
EMA Inc. develops markets in public benefit projects, represents your interests with state and local governments, arranges project financing and will find you a joint venture partner or manage your acquisition or merger.

Manufacturer’s Representative
It also is the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for a vacuum
wastewater collection system, in-line water softening unit and for water
system contract operations.

Corporate Advocate
EMA represents its client corporations on government and environmental
advocacy committees to advance the interests of its clients by educating
decision makers, and their constituencies, to the social and economic benefits
of client systems and services.

Web Site Development and Management
EMA will works exclusively with the water, wastewater and solid waste
industries. We will develop a purposeful web site geared to your target
market and linked to their favorite sites: government web pages (.gov),
environmental groups, professional societies, associations and organizations
(.org), and training centers (.edu). Outsource to EMA and we will handle
everything — from your concept to the finished web site and weekly updates: