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US Water was selected via a competitive bid process in 1994 to partner with the City of Easton. Prior to our contract, the facility had chronic permit violations, a consent decree, and management/labor strife. The City of Easton had paid out $389,000 in fines and an additional $120,000 in plaintiffs’ legal fees under the consent order, and the plant had been listed on the EPA’s List of Violating Facilities. The treatment process equipment was either in need of repairs or not operating properly. In addition labor overtime costs at the Water Treatment Facility were major areas of concern for the City.


US Water was successful in significantly improving the plant in all areas of operations, administration and compliance.

Utilizing extensive operating experience and system surveying practices, US Water was able to improve the wastewater treatment facility without increasing capital expenditures. We used our expertise in water and wastewater to operate, manage and maintain the existing infrastructure more efficiently. Various operational changes implemented over the past three years have also resulted in savings to the City of approximately $1.5 million.

US Water established and improved a working relationship with AFSCME union employees, creating a productive work environment for both union and US Water employees. In addition, US Water implemented an innovative employee-leasing program to satisfy the City’s needs.

As a result of US Water’s management, non-compliance was eliminated. Plant performance under US Water management contributed significantly to enabling the EAJSA to gain release from the EPA Consent Order in May 1995.


  • 12 MGD Water and 10 MGD Wastewater facilities, serving population of 50,000
  • elimination of EPA violations
  • budgetary savings of $660,000 per year
  • 7 pumping stations
  • 85 miles of surface collection lines
  • 80 miles of distribution lines


The Facility was recently highlighted as the "Plant Profile" in the Keystone Water Quality Manager. The article noted Easton as a dynamic example of the privately managed, publicly owned treatment works. In addition, the plant was nominated for the Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award sponsored by the Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association in 1996 and won the award for 1997.

Contact Information
  • Michael McFadden
  • 650 Ferry Street
  • Easton, PA 18042
  • 610.250.6620

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