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Earth Tech Signs Gardner D-B-O

Earth Tech was awarded a $33-million design-build-operate contract by the City of Gardner, Mass. in late November. The company has agreed to meet the terms of an administrative consent order from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requiring the city to build a new 3-mgd water filtration facility by May, 2000. Earth Tech is performance-testing new filtration technologies for possible use in the design of the new facility.

The firm has operated, maintained and managed Gardner’s 5-mgd wastewater treatment plant since 1986. In addition, Earth Tech’s Total Water Management Division now will operate, maintain and manage the city’s existing drinking water facility and will provide design and build services for a series of capital improvements, including the design and construction of a new 3-mgd water filtration facility.

Other near-term capital improvements to be carried out by Earth Tech include the total rehabilitation of Gardner’s wastewater treatment system and pump stations, the replacement of approximately 10 miles of water main, and the installation and changeout of approximately 5,200 water meters. Cost estimates by the city for the design, construction and operation service functions exceeded $52 million under conventional design and public works bidding procedures.