CAMDEN — On Wednesday July 29, 1998 Mayor Milton Milan held a press conference to announce an exciting agreement, negotiated in less than five days, between the City and U.S. Water for the management of Camden’s water and sewer operations. "This agreement is an outstanding package for the people of Camden and the employees of the water and sewer divisions. Over the years the City has received countless complaints from residents about water quality and sewer service. This agreement will effectively address the resident’s concerns", the Mayor stated. He went on to say: "This agreement will allow current employees to retain their jobs. There will be no layoffs for budgetary reasons or as a cost cutting measure. Additionally, an incentive package for early retirement or "early-out" will be offered to employees who desire not to be transferred."

 According to Joseph M. DeCotis of the law firm DeCotis, Fitzpatrick & Gluck, who represented the City in the negotiations. "This agreement allows the city to retain ownership of the water system and includes a commitment of $40 million for infrastructure improvements. Additionally, Camden will receive $20 million for economic development". Mayor Milan added. "This agreement is an excellent package for the people of Camden. We’ve struck a deal that will benefit the residents of Camden for decades to come.


City of Camden Water Utility Management Contract
With U.S. Water


Contract term: 20 years
Economic Development Contribution: $20 million upfront
Annual Concession Payment to City: $500,000 escalating at 3% per year
Employment Terms: All Current Employees will be transferred to U.S. Water and will be guaranteed employment for the life of the contract. No layoffs for economic reasons, only for cause according to procedures established in union contract. U.S. Water will recognize Council #10 as bargaining unit for transferred employees.
Number of Employees Affected: 75
City-Guaranteed Minimum Capital Improvements: $40 million over 20 years
Operator will be responsible for all maintenance & repairs to the system, City will be responsible for implementing a capital improvement program that will be developed in conjunction with the operator.
Rate Structure: No increases for first five years. Modest increases periodically thereafter.

Year   6     10%
Year 10     12%
Year 14       8%
Year 18       8%