Larry Chertoff
President, Environmental Market Analysis

Mr. Chertoff, President of Environmental Market Analysis is former Director at Alinda Capital Partners, America's largest independent infrastructure fund and was founding Executive Director of the Water Industry Council. He has had more than 30 years experience in fostering privatization of municipal environmental services. As chief economist for New York City’s Environmental Protection Administration (Sanitation, Water Resources, Air Resources and Noise Abatement) he founded and directed the NYC Recycling Office, initiated the world’s largest public-private newspaper recycling program, established guidelines for purchase of recycled products, negotiated the City’s first royalty payment for recovery and use of landfill gas and directed its first Energy Office.

As a consultant, and later, vice-president for marketing for two environmental systems manufacturers, Mr. Chertoff managed government relations, market planning and project development for full service, waste-to-energy systems, transfer stations and materials recovery facilities serving county and municipal agencies. He has researched and developed marketing programs for landfill gas recovery and re-use, medical waste disposal and waste-wood fueled combined-cycle (cogeneration) power plants. He has been retained by international water/wastewater service companies and manufacturers of wastewater related equipment such as sludge dewatering, thermal drying, materials handling, vacuum pump wastewater collection systems and package wastewater treatment facilities. 

Mr. Chertoff is now developing water and wastewater treatment facilities in the Peoples Republic of China, assisting the American Forum for Global Education develop water-related projects for school systems throughout the US and promoting new technologies for water filtration, nitrogen reduction in wastewater and volume reduction in sludge generation.

He is advisor to the NYC Comptroller and to the NYC Office of the Public Advocate. He is a founding Board member of the Environmental Action Coalition, a director of the New York League of Conservation Voters and active in the Environmental Business Association of New York State. He has co-authored several publications on private operations of municipal services including Privatization of Water Services in the United States, An Assessment of Issues and Experience, National Research Council, 2002. Mr. Chertoff was US correspondent for Global Water Intelligence.

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Mr. Chertoff has advanced degrees in Economics (Public Regulation) and Education.

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