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Draft EPA Privatization Guidelines
Essential Elements of O&M Contracts by Dan Elias, Esq.
Market for Household Tap Water Filters Grows at 40%/Year 
Suez Lyonnaise to Buy All of United Water Resources
Recovery Engineering (PUR water filters) Bought by Proctor & Gamble
Contract Operators Burned in Birmingham as City Chooses Own Staff
David Chardavoyn Named President of Thames US
Profile of Tap Water and Bottled Water User
UN Surveys Cost of Water Around the World
Glossary of Compounds Which Contaminate
Malcolm Pirnie Chooses Garet Westerhoff Chairman/CEO
Atlanta Fined $700,000 in addition to $2.5 Billion  
EPA Mandated Gasoline Additive Causes Water Pollution
Discontent EPA Employees Warn Agency Doing More Harm than Good
AmericanAnglian Signs Moore County, NC Wastewater Treatment System
Over-Pumping May Cause Water Shortages and Global Disaster
United Water Takes Pro-Active Approach to Prevent Crises
Mass. Finds Most Water Treated is Already Clean — Rain Water Inflow
The Health Effects of Water-Borne Pathogens
American Water Works to Buy Projects from United Water in 4 States
American Water Works Announces U.S. Water Industry Largest Acquisition
Suez Lyonnaise Becomes World's Largest Water Treatment Company
Strongly Dissenting Opinion of Privatization and Indianapolis Mayor
Dead Bodies May be Cause of Some Arsenic Contamination
Chicago to Try Ozonization to Replace Chorine
Atlanta Under Pressure to Increase Wastewater Capacity
Atlanta Municipal Facility Dumps Sewage into Chattahoochee River
Well Water May Cause Ulcers
Dames & Moore Bought by URS Corp.
United Water Succeeds Brilliantly in Milwaukee
IRS Allows Portqbility of Employee Benefits
New NAWC Study Proves Privatization Success
Trojan of Canada Splits Stock ... Stands Strong
Azurix Stock Prices Hold Strong
Kansas City Councilman and Municipal Union Vow to Kill Privatization
Pennsylvania to Recycle Sewage to Drinking Water
Illinois Appropriates Funds for Private Operators
Yorkshire Buys Aquarion
California Bond Issue
Philip Services' Sold to Asurix (Enron)
Chattanooga Mayor in Feud with PR Firm
Two Quarts of Water/Day Inhibits Bladder Cancer
American Water Works Buys Empire District Electric
United Water Rallies...New Projects, More Services, Great Stock Price  
Raftelis Estimates Chattanooga to Save $107 Million from Outsourcing
City of Chattanooga Vows to End American Water Works' Franchise
Vivendi to De-merge Water Utilities
ECO Resources Gets 5 Year, $3 Million Contract
Competition for Atlanta Wastewater Facility to be Fierce
NJ's Whitman Threatens Water Quality -- Water Companies Protest
Investment Opportunities in the Water Industry
State-by-State Allocation of New Water Funds
American Water Appoints Kelleher New Sr. VP
Lyonnais des Eaux Awarded Major Chinese Contracts
Lyonnais des Eaux Spends $9 Million for Microchip Pathogen Detector
US Water Achieves Early Success in Camden NJ
NRDC Questions Quality of Bottled Water
Atlanta Privatization: Round Two
Vivendi to Buy US Filter
Enron to Raise $350+ Million in Asurix IPO
Philip to Sell its Water Services to Asurix
California Water Services to Buy Dominguez Water
Arsenic in Our Water at Dangerous Levels
Arsenic High in Water from Private Home Wells
Milwaukee Issues RFQ for Commercial Services
Answers to Milwaukee RFQ for Commercial Services
Portland, OR Proposes Conservation-Based Water/Wastewater Rates
Toronto Battles Over Consulting Costs and Privatization
Puerto Rico Increases Aqua Alliance Contract
Philadelphia Suburban Cleared to Buy Coatsville Wastewater System
Six Companies Want Chattanooga, TN Operations
Birmingham, AL, RFP Reissued
Birmingham, AL, Project Description
World-Wide Water Table Drops -- Drought Feared
Bergen County Union Works to Privatize County Utilities Authority
Union Money MIssing in Milwaukee
Lynn, MA Proposals Due May 3, 1999 on 67 MGD 20 yr Contract
Clean Tap Water from Texas Challanges Bottled
Individual water consumption by city
Don Correll Predicts Strong Industry Growth
Cluster of Autism checked for link to water
Disease Clusters; What Do They Really Indicate
Stage III Infrastructure Finance: Roger Feldman
New Finance Paradigm: Roger Feldman
Southwest Water Gets $2.3 Million Contract
Camden, NJ to Award 20 Year Contract to US Water
Joint Meeting, NJ, Requests Oral Presentations
Earth Tech Signs Gardner, MA to $33 Million Design-Build-Operate
Naugatuck, CT Seeks to Replace Private Operator -- RFP 1-22-99
Bergen County, NJ, Issues RFP for Long-Term Service Contract
Phil. Suburban Buys Plumstock Water
Springfield, MA Outsources Wastewater Treatment
Texas Crypto Outbreak in Municipal Facility
"Civil Action” Strikes Fear in Hearts of New Jersey-ites
International Corruption Perception Index for 1998
The Cost of Water Around the World
Specifics of Indonesia Private Water Projects
Specifics of Monteria, Colombia Private Water Project
San Joaquin River Valley Sewage Backup
US to Treat Tijuana Wastewater
Atlanta Project in Capsule
Revenues of Multi-National and Domestic Water Utilities
Principal Reasons to Form Public-Private Partnership
Water Use in U,S, Drops for 3rd Year (go figure)
Water Use Drops in US (CNN News)
Astonishing Facts of World Consumption from U.N.
List of 15 International Projects to be Proposed Before 2000
Severn Trent Opens New Houston Office
Four Companies to Bid Birmingham Water
WIC, NAWC, NCPPP, US COM Joint Response to EPA Privatization Guidelines

Magazine Articles About WIC Response to EPA

Water Env. Mgmt WIC Article on EPA Guidelines

US Water Awarded 20 Yr. Contract for Camden, NJ

Guide on Privatization of Federally Funded Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Exerpts of EPA Guide on Privatization of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

PWF 1997: New Jersey Con-Ops Market PWF 1997: New York Con-Ops Market
PWF 1997 Total Industry Survey PWF 1997: Connecticut Con-Ops Market
Atlanta Chooses United Water
US Water Renews Manchester, NJ Draft of EPA Press Release
US Water Wins Award in Easton, PA US Water Wins NJ Safety Award
Earth Tech Wins Guam B.O.T. Bio of Doug Herbst, Earth Tech
American Anglian Signs Evansville, IL Texas to Get UltraFiltration
US Filter to Buy Culligan Georgia Can Require Privatization
Doug Herbst Joins Earth Tech Earth Tech Acquires Rust Engineering
WIC Response to EPA (Farmer) draft Guide Facts about Earth Tech/Rust Engineering
Easton, PA Complies with US Water Syracuse University NYS Market Survey
Severn Trent Wins Achievement Award North Brunswick, NJ 20-Year Concession
Largest Ultrafiltration Plant EPA Wastewater Statistics
Pure Water from Wastewater in Large Scale EPA Draft Operations Decision Tree
New York City Watershed Agreement N.Y. State Clean Water/Clean Air Bond
New York City Third Water Tunnel Full Text of Executive Order 12803
Full text of EPA “Dear Mayor” letter Public/Private Partnering Legislation
"Precious Water" reprint from Barrons NYS Legislative Barriers to Partnering
Status of Public/Private Partnerships NYC Watershed RFQ for 110 WWTPs
Impact of IRS Revisions on Privatization Return to “Issues”
New England Interstate Environmental Training Center Procurement Outline


Environmental Links

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