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PALM DESERT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2002--Water issues -- drought, bioterrorism, crumbling infrastructure, MTBE, arsenic contamination -- are on the minds of Americans. As the hot summer approaches, experts from the world's leading water company, USFilter, are available for backgrounding sessions or interviews on nearly any water topic.

Drought/Water Reuse

The East Coast is facing one of the most serious droughts in decades. Parts of the country are not far behind. What can a community do to cope? Water reuse programs that combine technology and service expertise can help conserve water. Frank Firsching, president, USFilter Water & Wastewater Systems Group, and Ron Davis, executive vice president/general manager, USFilter Operating Services, are available to address these issues.

Water Safety

Post 9/11, the security and the safety of our water systems remain critically important. In response to a request from the Office of Homeland Security, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) prepared guidelines for municipalities to help safeguard our water. As a Water Development Advisory member of the Urban Water Council and Water Security Task Force, USFilter assisted in the development of these guidelines that were distributed at the USCM's Emergency, Safety and Security Summit in Washington, D.C. Dan Ryan, environmental health and safety director for USFilter Operating Services, and Jim Newkirk, vice president of market development, USFilter Operating Services, are available to discuss steps being taken to keep our water safe.

Crumbling Water Infrastructure/Public-Private Partnerships

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that municipalities will need to spend $150.9 billion over the next 20 years to upgrade the nation's drinking water infrastructure and an additional $139.5 billion to improve wastewater systems. Local governments, especially those with budget pressures, continue to focus on education, infrastructure and services. But most don't have the cash or expertise needed to fix crumbling water systems. Mike Stark, president of USFilter Services Group, can discuss this issue and provide examples of how public-private partnerships are helping communities and saving millions of dollars.

The Business of Water

Water is the engine of the economy -- it must be processed or cleaned for almost every manufacturing method from the production of automobiles to silicon chips. The water business is estimated to be $400 billion annually worldwide and $100 billion in North America. The once-sleepy water industry has become a giant with the power to protect one of the world's most precious resources. Andy Seidel, president and chief executive officer of USFilter, is available to discuss the business of water and the future of such an important industry.

About USFilter

United States Filter Corporation, a Vivendi Environnement company is North America's largest water company providing comprehensive water and wastewater systems and services to commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers.

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