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Stuff the turkey, stuff yourself but not the drain!

(10 Tips to a Happy Thanksgiving)

Waco, Texas (November 21, 2005) - After stuffing the bird, making the cranberry sauce, and baking the pumpkin pie, you want to enjoy the feast - not call a plumber!

The holiday season is the busiest time for plumbers because turkey bones, grease, peels and scraps find their way down the kitchen drain and become the leading cause of clogged pipes.

"More foods during the holiday season usually mean more foods being stuffed down the drain," Mike Bidwell, president of the Mr. RooterŽ franchise corporation said. "The average kitchen sink drain is only 1 ˝ inches in diameter, so it's not designed to handle a large volume of waste materials."

Mr. Rooter offers these 10 tips to avoid a drain or pipe disaster during the holiday season:

1. Don't put turkey skin or bones, celery stalks, potato peels or onion peels down the garbage disposal

2. Avoid pouring grease into the drain

3. Throw large quantities of scraps in the trash, not the sink

4. Wipe out greasy pans and plates with a paper towel before washing

5. Rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher

6. Run hot water into the garbage disposal when using it

7. Regularly use microbial drain treatment, such as BioChoiceŽ to help prevent grease, sludge or soap build-up

8. Don't over-load the garbage disposal. If it stops abruptly while in use, turn the garbage disposal power off and press the re-set button (if available) under the sink.

9. If you suspect a problem, don't operate the dishwasher and garbage disposal at the same time

10. If the kitchen sink is backing up, call a qualified plumber.