Water Industry News

Dealing with terrorism of our water systems

New "dipstick" test for freshwater contamination

al-Qaida memos in Afghanastan say targeting water and systems

al-Qaida may be targeting water and wastewater systems
internet monitoring sees increase in interest in US and European water and wastewater systems and pesticide impact

Short discussion of water system security
industry authority shows the way to temperate protection

Real-time monitorning of recreational water and cooling towers
Siemens and RMS joing to offer protection of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, cooling towers and all water storage

New SCADA based, real-time water security detection system
developed for the USA Olympics systems sends alarm of water contamination

Securing your water system
a discussion by Robert Hebert, Vice Chair of ECO Resources and President of the NCPPP

Security tightened on nation's water systems
new efforts mounted to monitor and protect drinking water

Public water supplies safe from terrorists
Feds assure American public that government is protecting our water systems

Private water supplies safe
private water companies strengthen security

How the California Bay Area has moved to protect water supplies
using "guards and guns" security is stepped-up at dams, treatment plants and pipelines the Central Valley gets tough -- greatest fear is damage to infrastructure

Reservoirs may be safe -- but how about public well water?