Water Industry News

Construction Underway on "No Sludge" WWTP

By John Gillett
Jan 18, 2006

Holkham, Norfolk, UK -- Ground breaking took place in late 2005 for a new Accel-o-Fac(TM) wastewater treatment plant to serve the village of Holkham on the North Norfolk coast. The plant, designed by LAS International Ltd., heralds a more sustainable approach to wastewater treatment for small rural communities.

John Gillett, Managing Director of the Company, points out that this treatment system incorporates a number of highly unique features. “Not the least of which is a self-digesting sludge process that requires no pre-screening, sedimentation tanks or clarifiers, no sludge removal, dewatering or conditioning, and best of all, no routine sludge disposal and the associated lorry traffic in and out of the works. All sludge is continuously self digested within the initial treatment stage.”

Another feature of the treatment system is the very low operating cost. “LAS is unique in its use of a fully biological process,” states Gillett. Instead of relying on electricity, the Accel-o-Fac system uses wind energy to optimise the biological conditions in the treatment cells whilst natural surface absorption provides the oxygen needed for the treatment process and positive odour control.

The Accel-o-Fac system was developed nearly 30 years ago in the United States by LAS International where it has been used extensively in a variety of wastewater treatment applications.

The new plant at Holkham will provide wastewater treatment for approximately 500 people and is one of a number of new Accel-o-Fac and Aero-Fac projects to take place in the UK this year including one recently completed at the nearby village of West Newton. Breheny is the contractor for the scheme and the cost of the plant only, not including a new sewer network, is about Ј220,000 or Ј440 per head.

Further information on the Accel-o-Fac system can be obtained from the Company’s web site at www.lasinternational.com