Siemens Environmental Systems and Remote Management Systems join to protect United States recreational waters and cooling towers


Dorset, UK April 16, 2002 -- Siemens Environmental Systems Limited of Poole UK, a management company of Siemens plc and AG, today announced that effective immediately, it has signed an exclusive OEM Agreement with Remote Management Systems, Inc. of Woodstock, Georgia, USA (“RMS”). 


The Agreement calls for RMS to use Siemens’ CENSAR® and Clearcense™ devices and relevant electronics and hardware in integrated proprietary systems for real-time 24/7 monitoring and control of Recreational Waters (swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, etc.) and Cooling Towers.


Mr. Ian Bywaters, Siemens Environmental General Manager – Environmental and Process Monitoring Solutions said “This new alliance with RMS represents a significant new market opportunity for Siemens and another way for us to introduce our superior environmental monitoring technology to the U.S. market. We are working closely with RMS and one of their other partners and look forward to participating in this summer’s product introduction.”


Richard Hyman, RMS’ CEO, said that “There are more than 500,000 public swimming pools in the U.S. and thousands of people become ill per year due to swallowing inadequately chlorinated water that becomes contaminated. Some people actually die. RMS’ total monitoring solution will help pool and property management companies finally leverage technology to better protect the public. We also intend to make water quality information available to authorized state and local authorities as well as consumers.”


        About Siemens Environmental Systems

Siemens Environmental Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of monitoring products and systems for environmental, industrial and military users. They are the solutions provider for ionising radiation hazards, and for the monitoring of air and water pollution.


Siemens AG is an industry leader in telecommunications; energy and power; lighting and precision materials; industry and automation; and healthcare, and a key player in microelectronics and components; transportation; building technologies; information systems and other products.  In fiscal 2000 (10/1/99 to 9/30/00), Siemens AG’s U.S. businesses, with more than 73,000 employees, recorded sales of $18.1 billion.  Siemens AG, based in Berlin and Munich, is one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies, and employs 447,000 people worldwide in 193 countries.


About Remote Management Systems, Inc.

            Remote Management Systems, Inc. is a Georgia-based business that will provide systems and services to enable real-time security of water-based environments. Authorized users will be able to remotely access and view water quality data. Managers will be notified of degrading water chemistry and able to preempt incidents with proactive treatment, protecting the public from accidental or intentional contamination.