Schwab Washington Research Group 2000

Larry Culp of Danaher Corp.


Larry Culp, EVP, Danaher Corp, presents his company organization to an attentive audience of security analysts.  



Alan Smith of and an unidentified guest study presentations with varying degrees of interest, or they are testing for swollen glands.   

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Nicholas DeBenedictis, CEO of Philadelphia Suburban Corp.










(left) Nicholas DeBenedictis, Pres. and CEO of Philadelphia Suburban Corp., reports on PSC's aggressive acquisition pattern. The future of PSC, in Mr. DeBenedictis' view is very bright as the company advances from east to west in the US.

(right) Tony Garnier, President and CEO of fast growing South West Water Company as it expands through the US from its Western homebase.



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Debra Coy listing intently









(left) Hostess and top Schwab security analyst, Debra Coy, studies comments of David Conover, Staff Director of Bob Smith, US Senator Chairing the committee on Environment and Public Works.


(right) Michael Deane, United Water, discusses this year's consolidation in the water industry with Graham Jackson (left) of Nalco, now part of Vivendi.



Michael Deane of United Water talks with old friend Hampton "Dave" Graham of U.S. Environmental, Corp..
East meets West: DeBenedictis meets Garnier









((left) Rob Joyce, EVP of US Filter/Vivendi enjoys a few quiet moments to reflect on the future of the industry with the always affable Nick DeBenedictis. 

 Keith Robinson, new CFO of troubled Osmonics

Keith Robinson of Osmonics candidly explained Osmonics past difficulties and their current actions to regain market share and profitability.