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Cashing in on a US$15 Billion Opportunity in the Global Residential Water Treatment Equipment Market

PALO ALTO, California, January 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Globally raising consumer awareness about quality of drinking water is propelling expansion in the residential water treatment equipment market. Consumers are looking for treatment units that offer comprehensive contaminant removal and satisfy in terms of price and aesthetics.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (http://www.environment.frost.com ), Global Competitive Environment in the Residential Water Treatment Equipment Markets, reveals that revenues in this industry exceeded 15.0 billion in 2005. Billing from Asia alone accounted for 2/3rds of the share. Frost & Sullivan estimates that the size of the market will reach US$41.53 billion by 2011.

"Out of 550 million urban households, globally penetration of water treatment equipment has been less than 22 percent," says Frost & Sullivan Program Manager & Senior Industry Analyst Sunitha Mysore Gopal. "There is a huge demand-supply gap, promising opportunities for everyone active in the residential water treatment equipment market."

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Across the globe, every fourth house has a residential water treatment unit. It is estimated that every second household will have a unit by 2008 and every single household will have a water treatment unit by 2011.

To capitalize on these prospects, manufacturers, assemblers, distributors, and installers are developing strategies that make installation of water treatment equipment a regular household necessity. Apart from this, market participants are spending huge amounts of money in educating consumers about the efficacy of water treatment equipment over similar substitute goods such as bottled water, which are more familiar to the end users.

User education combined with aggressive marketing is likely to step up competition among existing market participants. Although this can boost the sales of equipment, the lack of radical advancement in technology is likely to make price the main differentiator in the residential water treatment equipment' markets.

Larger participants offering products that are manufactured in Asian countries at lower costs further intensify pricing pressures, making it difficult for the smaller participants to compete on price.

"As the end users are price sensitive, cost becomes an important factor in the purchase decision of water purification equipment," notes Ms Gopal. "Nonetheless, growing health consciousness and the need to raise the quality of drinking water are set to spur the development of water treatment products."

This research service includes current and future revenues generated by residential water treatment equipment globally. It is designed to give industry participants the opportunity to learn more about the underlying trends, which shapes the current and future trends in the Global Residential Water Treatment Equipment Markets and can quickly cash in on the opportunities. A total of more than 55 countries were profiled for this research. Major regions covered include North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Highlights include market overview, revenue information on sub segments of the market such as Point of Entry, Point of Use Counter Top, Point of Use Faucet Mount, Point of Use Under the sink, Point of Use Pitchers and After Market segments

Global Competitive Environment in the Residential Water Treatment Equipment Markets is part of the 9319-A4 subscription. The study provides detailed insights into recent developments and trends in the residential water treatment market. It also discusses the prevailing market drivers as well as industry challenges and gives an overview of the market revenues and shares. Executive summaries and analyst interviews are available to the press.

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