Epa Launches Waters Web Site
Robin Woods 202-564-7841

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new web site
http://www.epa.gov/waters, featuring access to information about
water quality listed by geographic area. Called WATERS (Watershed
Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results), the site
incorporates the U.S. Geological Survey's National Hydrographic
Dataset, and provides unified access to water quality information
from several state and EPA databases, including EPA's Total Maximum
Daily Load (TMDL) Database and its new National Water Quality
Standards Database. At this time, users can find information on
waters classified by states as impaired (those waters not attaining
water quality standards) in all states except Alaska, and on the
purpose or use of each waterbody (such as whether or not it is
designated for protection as a drinking water supply, for
recreational use, or for fishing) in 16 states. Users can also
search for water quality information for a particular body of water
by clicking on an interactive map, which is currently available for
11 states. EPA will update WATERS as new information becomes
available, eventually covering all 50 states, and will add links to
data on ambient water quality, drinking water quality, polluted
runoff, fish consumption advisories, facility discharge outfalls,
and other information.