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Elephant Butte reservoir, New Mexico could be dry by year-end

Source: KRQE News

New Mexico's largest reservoir, Elephant Butte Lake, could drop to two percent of its two million acre-foot capacity by the end of irrigation this summer and be virtually dry by year-end.

And if New Mexico isn't careful about how it manages its stream flows, local managers could lose their authority to make water decisions.

Those were key points raised on Saturday by the head of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, Estevan Lopez.

Lopez spoke at a church-sponsored water forum attended by several Santa Fe local government officials.

Ironically, the dire predictions came as the normally minuscule Santa Fe River babbled, swirled and splashed through town, and the city water projects coordinator said Santa Fe Canyon reservoirs are in good shape. However, Lopez says don't be misled; the water crunch marches on.