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Dangerous bottled water


NEWSER)  Fourteen brands of spring water have three things in common: They're bottled by the same company, they come from the same source, and they're potentially contaminated with E. coli. A voluntary recall notice has been issued for Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet, 7-Eleven, Niagara, Nature's Place, Price Rite, Super Chill, Morning Fresh, Shaws, ShopRite, Western Beef Blue, and Wegmans water bottled at two plants in Pennsylvania between June 10 and 18, ABC 6 reports.

Niagara Bottling says a spring owner failed to report evidence of E. coli at the source, but there have been no signs of contaminated products or reports of consumers getting sick, reports CNN. The company's website has a guide to reading labels to tell whether bottled water is from the affected batches.