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How Much Grease Fast Food Restaurants Produce

Every person living in the United States understands the fact that there are literally thousands of fast food restaurants in each individual state. What is also known is that these fast food restaurants, because of the cooking methods they use, produce a large amount of waste. In particular, fast food restaurants in the U.S. manage to produce a startling high amount of yellow grease through the various food products made at each location. What has been generally unknown until most recently is just how profitable that yellow grease waste is and what purpose it serves.

A large portion of fast food restaurants use oil (conventional cooking oil) to fry and cook their foods in. The grease waste produced from each fast food restaurant can be recycled and used to create biodiesel that then fuels cars, factories, and more. With oil prices continuing to climb, the number of grease waste thefts at fast food restaurants has increased, according to The New York Times and The New York Post. Thousands of gallons of used fryer grease are stolen virtually every day by thieves across the country. The reason: There are is big business in grease waste and plenty of restaurants producing them.

It is estimated that a typical fast food restaurant in the U.S. will produce approximately 35 pounds of grease per day. That number can go up and down depending on the restaurantís business for the day or even week. During peak seasons, 35 pounds can increase dramatically. On the same note, The New York Times estimates weekly production of grease to be at about 150 to 250 pounds. That is roughly 250 pounds of grease produced by each fast food restaurant in the country.

The infographic below shows just how much grease is produced by fast food restaurants in the US across different time periods.

Following these numbers, the average grease production in a month per fast food restaurant in the country comes out to approximately 1,000 pounds, which is a startling number on its own. Essentially, that is 13,000 pounds (1,557 gallons) of grease produced, on average, per year by each fast food restaurant. In South Carolina alone, 7,908,564 gallons of grease waste is produced per year. In New York, 8.3 million gallons is how much grease is produced per year.

On a grander scale, these numbers are even higher. According to the Pew Research Center, there are 160,000 thousand fast food restaurants in the entire country. Taking the averages, fast food restaurants in the country produce approximately 671,039 gallons of grease per day. In a week, roughly 4,793,137 gallons of grease is produced by fast food restaurants. Over a monthís time, that number rises to 19,172,550 gallons of waste produced. Expand those numbers for all 160,000 fast food restaurants to one year and the result is shocking: 249,243,160 gallons of grease waste produced by all fast food restaurants in the United States.

With the numbers of fast food restaurants growing each and every year, the gallons of grease waste produced per year is also going to increase.

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