Atlanta Signs United Water 
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Mayor Bill Campbell Speaks at NCPPP
Mayor Bill Campbell, with Doug Herbst and
Roger Feldman looking on, delivering the news
of the City Council of Atlanta having signed
the United Water 20 year contract. The Mayor's
advice for other municipalities contemplating
public-private partnershisps:
The City Council of Atlanta approved the
completed contract of United Water Services
on October 15th. The twenty-year contract
is expected to save the City of Atlanta up 
to 44% of what had been projected through 
continued municipal operations.
United Water is preparing now to transfer 
the 535 water department employees to its 
payroll next month and operate all aspects 
of the production and delivery of surface water 
from two treatment plants and 2,400 miles of mains. 
The project will include the operations and 
maintenance of the Hemphill and Chattahoochee
water treatment facilities, and includes 2,400 miles 
of service mains and feeder lines. Billing, collections 
and customer service are also included in the project.  
The facilities and water system are currently staffed 
by 535 municipal employees.
"Be bold. You'll get criticized anyway."
"Have a big evaluation team – show no favorites."
"Keep the newspapers out."
United Water Services Atlanta includes the partnership 
with Williams-Russell and Johnson, an Atlanta-based 
engineering and design firm which has been affiliated 
with United Water for the past six years on the 
wastewater plant operations in northern 
Fulton County.
United Water Services Atlanta is an affiliate of Harrington Park,
NJ-based United Water Services, which is a leading provider of
water and wastewater services in North America.  The company
is a joint venture of United Water Resources, the nation's second
largest investor-owned water services firm and Suez Lyonnaise
des Eaux, world leader in environmental infrastructure services.
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John Joyner, Vice President, United Water
Services, reveals United Water's growth
strategy to audience at National Council
of Public Private Partnerships.