ZeeWeed membrane technology becoming
obvious choice for higher quality water

OAKVILLE, Ontario, May 1, 2001 – ZENON Environmental Inc. (TSE: ZEN, ZEN.A), a global leader in membrane-based water treatment technologies, announced today that it has secured orders in excess of $17 million for its ZeeWeed water treatment systems.

ZENON continues to maintain its lead and growth in market share in the North American municipal sector with new sales of its systems for drinking water, wastewater and tertiary treatment plants.

"We are aggressively penetrating all sectors of the municipal market with our proprietary membrane technology and expect to continue this growth globally," said Andrew Benedek, Chairman and CEO of ZENON.

Some of the communities to purchase ZENON's ZeeWeed technology for drinking water treatment are located in Alberta, Oregon, Missouri and Puerto Rico.

ZeeWeed membranes are the proven technology for removing water-borne bacteria, viruses and parasites, providing a higher level of assurance for safe drinking water. In addition to being cost competitive, ZENON membranes also provide ease of operational use for municipalities, producing higher water quality in a single step process.

A municipality in New Hampshire will also be utilizing the world's leading technology for wastewater treatment in their community. ZENON's wastewater system produces a high quality effluent that complies with the most stringent standards in the United States.

Another community in Oregon has purchased ZENON's ZeeWeed technology for tertiary treatment of wastewater. Tertiary treatment requires further treatment of wastewater to produce much higher quality effluent. In the case of this Oregon community, the re-treated water will be released into an environmentally sensitive stream supporting marine life.

According to Mr. Benedek, these orders signal the momentum currently in the municipal market for water treatment equipment, and ZENON's technology specifically. "We will continue to increase our market share in the municipal sector where we anticipate significant growth worldwide," concluded Benedek.