OAKVILLE, Ontario, November 22, 2001 – ZENON (TSE: ZEN, ZEN.A) will be supplying its proprietary ZeeWeed membranes to the world’s largest municipal membrane bioreactor plant to be built in Germany. The new plant will treat the wastewater for a population of 80,000 people and has a contract value to ZENON of approximately $8 million.

ZENON received this order from VA Tech Wabag, the main contractor for the turnkey project. It also marks the second plant order ZENON has acquired from the customer, Erftverband. Their first ZENON wastewater treatment plant is running successfully in Roedingen (Aachen), Germany.

"We’re very happy to see repeat orders coming from satisfied customers," said Andrew Benedek, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZENON. "I’m also pleased to say that ZENON has broken its own record set in Italy for the largest municipal membrane bioreactor plant."

In May of this year, ZENON announced that it had secured the contract to treat the largest municipal membrane sewage plant in the world to be built in Italy. But, the new plant in Germany will surpass this capacity and become the largest in the world.

The existing wastewater treatment plant in Germany is currently insufficient to meet the community’s growing needs. In answer to this, as well as the need to meet higher effluent discharge requirements, Erftverband chose ZENON’s technology. The new plant is expected to be operational in 2003.

ZENON’s patented ZeeWeed membranes draw clean water to the inside of the hollow membrane fibre, leaving impurities behind, producing superior water quality, safe for discharge into any environmentally sensitive area.


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