OAKVILLE, Ontario, June 6, 2001 – ZENON Environmental Inc. has been awarded a $7 million industrial contract to supply Samsung Electronics of Korea, a global leader in semiconductors, with its proprietary ZeeWeed water treatment technology.

This is one of the largest ultrafiltration membrane process treatment plants for an industrial application ever built, and also one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2001.

"This order positions ZENON strategically in Asia and will considerably increase opportunities for future industrial ZeeWeed applications throughout the region," said Andrew Benedek, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZENON. The plant will also be a significant industrial reference site for the company.

According to Mr. Benedek, this is a repeat order from Samsung whose Malaysian facility is currently using ZENON's ZeeWeed technology to treat water for their manufacturing process.

ZENON's new water treatment system in Korea will process 13 million gallons of water per day for Samsung Electronics' in-house manufacturing.

The ZeeWeed technology uses hollow fibre membranes containing hundreds of billions of microscopic pores. The membranes work on the application of slight suction that draws only pure water through each thin fibre, filtering out any unwanted particles larger than the size of the pores.