Evac, world leader in vacuum sewage technology, and ZENON Environmental Inc., world leader in providing advanced technology products and services for water purification, waste water treatment and recycling, have decided to join forces in the field of marine waste water treatment.

With ZENON, Evac’s product portfolio will be strengthened by an advanced membrane technology for handling both grey and black water onboard ships. Marketing of this waste water management system will be focused foremost on cruise liners. Evac’s existing product line comprises vacuum toilet systems and other bathroom products, collecting units, sewage treatment plants and an advanced PLC system.

As water quality discharge standards increase, the marine industry is searching for treatment technologies that meet these requirements. ZENON has successfully demonstrated that its ZeeWeed® technology meets the stringent regulations imposed on discharges into sensitive marine environments worldwide. In partnering with Evac, ZENON benefits from their extensive global experience in servicing this industry.

Evac, part of the Sanitec Corporation, has a proven record of 30 years of experience and a reference list of more than 6500 ships equipped with water saving vacuum toilet systems.

Chosen as one of Canada’s Top 100 employers, the ZENON group operates from seven locations in North America, six in Europe and one company each in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


For more information, please contact: Olli Björkqvist

Managing Director, Evac Oy

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Mr Dr Andrew Benedek

Chairman and CEO

ZENON Environmental Inc

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Ms Nazeli Seferian

Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

ZENON Environmental Inc

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