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Degremont and Zenon team for Middle East reuse plant

The state of Qatar Public Works Authority awarded Degremont a contract to design and build and operate for ten years the countryís largest wastewater treatment facility.  The 135,000 cubic meter per day plant, located 20 km west of Doha , is designed for reuse of the treated water.  The facility will serve 500,000 people and is scheduled to come online mid-2008.  

The DBO (design build, operate) contract, Degremontís first for wastewater treatment in the Arabian gulf , is worth $260,000,000 which includes $180,000,000 for the design and construction of the plant and $80 million for its operation.  

The contract will be performed as a 50/50 joint venture between Degremont  and its Japanese partner Marubeni Corporation civil works in its operation is also awarded to Degremont Marubeni on a 70/30 basis, for a ten year period.  

Degremontís strategy is to expand its core business from plants conception and construction to plants operation a large cities.  

Under this contract, Degremont-Marubeni will refurbish the existing plant and build a new and complete sewage treatment facility. Degremont processe is based on several stages of treatment in order to deliver high quality effluent standard: primary treatment by step screening and grit removal, activated sludge secondary treatment and a final state of the art treatment associating sand filtration and ultrafiltration membranes. Sludge will also be extensively treated by thickening, the robot digestion and dewatering.  

Zenon Environmental will be providing its proprietary ZeeWeed membranes for tertiary treatment. Zenonís ZeeWeed untrafiltration membranes ensure that all the treated water is of superior quality and pure enough for reuse and agricultural irrigation. Although this isnít Zenonís first such order in the Middle East , itíll be the largest tertiary plant in the area. More and more countries in the Middle East are turning to water it used to ensure sound water resource management.