The Water Industry Council to be first Institute of the
National Council of Public Private Partnerships


Rick Norment, NCPPP – 202 / 467-6800
Larry Chertoff, WIC – 718 / 625-6500

January 1, 2001, Washington, DC – The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) and the Water Industry Council (WIC) have announced a consolidation of their operations, effective January 1, 2001. The WIC will become an operational group within the NCPPP, functioning as an "institute" of the Council.

Under an NCPPP Bylaws revision approved in the fall of 1999, an institute may develop its own focused programs and services, as well raise funds to support these activities. The only constraint is that these nearly autonomous groups operated within the mission and objectives of the NCPPP.

"This is a very logical step for both organizations" says Rick Norment, NCPPP Executive Director. "Not only do the two associations share a large percentage of our memberships, but we also have the same basic vision – that is, to apply the managerial, technical and financial skills of the private sector in the delivery of public services."

Larry Chertoff, WIC Executive Director agrees, noting "our strength in providing focused market strategies for the water industry is a good combination with NCPPP’s broader scope and ability to provide administrative support on a more economical scale."

Specifics of programs and operations will be outlined by the members of this new institute during the first quarter of 2001. However, a number of activities have already been identified – two conferences are already set for 2001 where expertise on the development of public-private partnerships for water / wastewater utilities will be a major focus. Norment will continue to lead the staff of the combined organization, and Chertoff will serve as Managing Director of programs for the institute.

Update information on development of the water institute and its programs will be found on either or