UNDERGROUND SOLUTIONS Awarded pipe liner contract
in Baton Rouge

Pittsburgh, Pa. (February 24, 2004) - Underground Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded another PVC waterline installation to be completed via horizontal directional drilling.

The 1100 foot run which consists of a 12” inch diameter Fusible C900 pressure line is being installed for Baton Rouge Water. 

Mark A, Smith, UGSI’s CEO stated, “The interest that we have generated in our new line of Fusible PVC™ products is phenomenal.  We have over 40 engineers, contractors, piping distributors and water providers planning on attending this Fusible C900™ installation.”

Fusible C900 and Fusible C905PVC and Fusible PVC™ are three new patent-pending products recently developed and introduced by Underground Solutions. Each of the products cover a full range of piping diameters from 4 inch to 48 inch to provide a continuous, monolithic, gasket-free PVC pipe or conduit capable of being used in numerous trenchless (no-dig) or conventional “open-cut” applications. Applications for this revolutionary technology cover every aspect of piping installations including both pressure and non-pressure situations in the water, sewer, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries. According to a recent report by Uni-Bell, a leading authority on the piping industry, approximately 600  million feet of underground pipe is installed by the water and sewer industry in the United States each year. Of this amount approximately 76% or over 450 million feet is PVC. 

About Underground Solutions:

Underground Solutions has developed and continues to develop unique and practical proprietary technologies focused exclusively on the underground infrastructure rehabilitation industry. Total spending for this industry, over the next 20 years, is projected by the EPA and various agencies to exceed one trillion dollars.  UGSI’s products developed and successfully introduced into the market to date include Duraliner, Fusible C900™,  Fusible C905and Fusible PVC™. The Company holds or has pending 13 various patents.

Duraliner is a unique patented process which allows the Company to replace deteriorated water lines and other pressure pipes with minimal excavation. It is the only pipeline renewal system resulting in a "stand alone" structural lining capable of handling internal minimum operating pressures of 150 psi with a 3.2 safety factor. Duraliner conforms to NSF 61 Standards for Drinking Water Components/Health Effects. In addition, Duraliner provides an equivalent design-life of new PVC pipelines (75 to 100 years) thus qualifying the rehabilitated pipe lines to be capitalized as new assets under the rules of GASB Statement 34.

Contact Information: Mark A. Smith of Underground Solutions, Inc. phone: 724-353-3000 email: msmith@undergroundsolutions.com  website: www.undergroundsolutions.com