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ThermoEnergy Inks $7 Million Deal for NYC DEP Wastewater Treatment Plant

By John Henry, Arkansasbusiness.com Daily Report

After 17 years with no revenue, ThermoEnergy Corp., the Little Rock wastewater technology company, has signed a $7 million trial contract to use its own ammonia-removal technology at a New York City wastewater treatment plant, according to a various news reports.

Last week, the company announced it had been issued a patent for its ThermoFuel Process, a renewable energy technology that converts sewage sludge into a biofuel with an energy value similar to that of coal. The biofuel can then be used to generate power on-site or as a blending agent for utility power plants, municipal solid waste incinerators or cement kilns.

ThermoEnergy chairman and CEO Dennis Cossey did not return phone calls by noon Tuesday.

ThermoEnergy has been involved with the city of New York for several years. It had a large-scale demonstration of its ammonia-removal process at the Oakwood Beach Wastewater Treatment facility on Staten Island, N.Y. — a joint effort with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp., the Environmental Protection Agency and the Civil Engineering Research Foundation.

Arkansas Business reported a year ago that the company was very close to signing a municipal wastewater contract with New York City to use its ARP, which is designed to recover ammonia from waste. The ammonia can then be sold as commercial-grade fertilizer.

The contract with the city’s Environmental Protection Department calls for the ammonia-removal process to be put to the test at its 150-million-gallon-a-day Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant in Queens. ThermoEnergy is building the equipment for its part of the plant in Worcester, Mass.