February 21, 2003  


Arlington, TX—A recent industry survey conducted by Decision Analyst, Inc. found that 94% of respondents from municipalities that outsource water or wastewater treatment services would recommend their contractor to other municipalities.

This survey of municipal public works officials and public administrators from across the U.S. asked participants to rate their water or wastewater contractor’s performance overall and in six functional categories: Technical Performance, Communications, Appearance, People, Working Relations, and Contract/Financial Management. Respondents were asked to rate their contractor’s performance on a scale of 1 ("very poor") to 7 ("outstanding"). About half of all respondents rated their contractor’s overall performance as "outstanding" or "excellent," and most respondents rated their contractor’s performance as "very good," "excellent," or "outstanding" for all categories.

Would Recommend Their Contractor To Other Municipalities

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Percentage Who Rated Their Contractor’s Performance As Outstanding, Excellent, Or Very Good

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The results of this mail survey, which was conducted between November 2002 and January 2003, indicate a high and slightly increasing trend in municipalities’ satisfaction levels compared to surveys conducted in 1998 and 2000. In 2002, survey questionnaires were sent to individuals representing 243 municipalities identified as contracting out water or wastewater treatment services. A total of 109 completed questionnaires were returned, representing a return rate of approximately 45%.

The results of this survey bode well for the future of water and wastewater treatment contractors, whose demonstrated ability to satisfy municipal clients should help to increase other municipalities’ interest in entering into such contractual agreements.

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