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American Water of New Jersey debut's state's largest ground-mounted solar electric system


New Jersey American Water will debut the state's largest ground-mounted
solar electric system at its Canal Road Water Treatment Plant in Somerset, NJ.
on October 11.

New Jersey's Board of Public Utilities President, Jeanne M. Fox, will speak at the ceremony opening of this project. 

The 500-kilowatt ground-mounted system includes more than 2,800 solar panels
from RWE SCHOTT Solar, subsidiary of the owner of New Jersey American Water. Ne Jersey American expects the system to supplement 15% of the peak usage power needed to run the plant. It is projected to save approximately $125,000 a year in reduced energy costs. 

During peak production periods, the electricity produced by the solar system would be enough to meet the average electricity demand of more than 500 NJ homes.

"As part of our overall campaign to reduce energy expenses, now and over
time, we are working to keep our costs down, which may enable us to pass those
savings on to our customers. In fact, with the rebate from the New Jersey
Clean Energy Program, the solar system alone will pay for itself in about 7
years, possibly creating larger savings as the system continues to produce
energy for many more years," said Walter Lynch, President of New Jersey
American Water.

The State of New Jersey encourages the use of green energy through its
Clean Energy rebate program.

"The upcoming dedication of the state's largest ground-mounted solar
electric system by New Jersey American Water sets an excellent example of
clean energy solutions that make sense for New Jersey businesses and
residents," said NJBPU President Fox. "The solar rebate that the NJBPU is
providing the company - almost 60 percent of the project's cost - will help
advance solar technologies that lower energy costs, reduce peak load and serve
as an investment in the health and environment of Garden State residents for
years to come."

"New Jersey American Water's corporate vision is driving today's
achievement - installing and activating the largest ground-mounted solar
energy system in New Jersey," said Tom Kuster, president of Dome-Tech Solar.
"We applaud New Jersey American Water for its long-term view and willingness
to take action now to harness clean, renewable energy, reaping benefits today
and well into the future for the company and its customers."

This pilot program could lead to the use of solar energy at other American
Water plants.

New Jersey American Water is the state's largest water utility serving
over two million people in 176 communities throughout the state.

American Water, a part of RWE's water division, serves 20 million customers in 27 states, four Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and South America. More than 8,000 employees provide water, wastewater and other related services. RWE's water division is the third largest water and wastewater services company in the world.

RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH is a joint venture of RWE Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RWE Group, a global international multi-utility concern with core businesses in electricity, gas, water, waste management and recycling; and the SCHOTT Group, a leading international specialty glass manufacturer. The RWE and SCHOTT companies had combined sales of over $55 billion in 2002, and employ nearly 150,000 people worldwide.

SOURCE New Jersey American Water