Rockdale, GA may add drinking water
to wastewater contract operations



The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners decided last summer to look at the viability of having a private company operate both water and sewerage operations.
Commissioner Glenn Sears said that, considering the financial state of Water Resources, bringing in a private company is just one of several options the county is reviewing. He said it’s important to find ways to make the department more efficient before deciding on a possible rate increase to cover budget shortfalls.
“The water department is running negative revenue at the moment, and this is something where the county has an obligation to the rate payers look at all options,” Sears said.

Rockdale Water Resources has contracted with OMI (Operations Management International Inc.) to operate the wastewater system at a total cost of $17.3 million since 1998. In April, this contract will expire. The county sent out requests for qualifications to prospective bidders on the sewage treatment in August and later amended those requests to include the water system.

Sears said the deadline for those requests has been pushed back until March as the commissioners continue work on Water Resources’ 2004 budget, which is expected to begin the public hearing process, also in March.