Severn Trent Services and Apyron Technologies Partner to Offer Advanced Solutions for Arsenic Removal

Fort Washington, Pa. - June 21, 2002 - Severn Trent Services, a supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions, and Apyron Technologies Inc., a developer of advanced materials, today announced a partnership to develop and market innovative products that remove arsenic from drinking water.  

Severn Trent and Apyron are collaborating to provide a wide range of arsenic treatment solutions for point-of-use (POU), point-of-entry (POE), and small water system applications around the world.  The partnership will address the growing need for arsenic treatment and expand upon the expertise, products, and technologies currently offered by each company.    Presently, Severn Trent Services is marketing its SORB 33' line of arsenic removal systems for large municipal and industrial applications, while Apyron offers its Aqua-Bind' products for POU, POE, and small community water system applications.  

Vice President, Severn Trent Services, Dr. Hu Fleming stated, "Together with Apyron, we will combine our market knowledge and technical expertise to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective arsenic treatment options available anywhere.  This is truly good news for all those affected by arsenic contamination."

An immediate result of the partnership is the availability of Aqua-Bind SP33', the first in a series of new products that targets arsenic contamination using a proprietary new media.  This easy-to-use, advanced iron-based system removes 99% of total arsenic from drinking water and has increased adsorption capacity over other iron-based media systems.

Aqua-Bind SP33 is available exclusively through Apyron for use in POE, POU, and remediation applications, as well as in small community water systems.  The partnership group has already begun development of a second product designed for POU applications in India, Bangladesh, and throughout the U.S.  Scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2002, this product is expected to be an ideal option for small communities affected by the new arsenic standard.  The group will also support the development and technical analysis of Severn Trent's SORB 33 products for municipal and industrial applications.

"Severn Trent's knowledge of central water treatment is an ideal complement to Apyron's international experience in POU and POE product development for arsenic removal solutions," stated Rom Papadopoulos, chief executive officer of Apyron Technologies.   "This partnership will accelerate the development of products that are required to meet the diverse needs of growing international markets and ultimately protect public health. "  

In November 2001, the allowable limit for the contaminant in drinking water was lowered from 50 parts per billion (ppb) to 10 ppb.  Public water systems must comply with the law by January 2006.

A recent cost analysis, completed by the National Drinking Water Advisory Council (NDWAC) and commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), stated that POU applications - filtration devices attached under a household's sink to treat the water that comes from the faucet - should be given greater consideration as a method of tackling arsenic contamination.  The council's cost evaluations show that communities as large as 10,000 can benefit financially from this approach.  Almost 97 percent of the public water systems affected by the new standard are small systems that serve less than 10,000 people.
Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical released into water supplies from the erosion of rocks and soil.  Health effects associated with long-term exposure to arsenic include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and reproductive/developmental problems.   Approximately 13 million Americans obtain their drinking water from public sources that are out of compliance with the new federal standard.  An additional 40 million Americans obtain water from private wells, which are not regulated by the government.

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