Water Industry News

Carlsbad, California approves landmark water purchase agreement
with Poseidon Resources

By Poseidon Resources staff

On Sept 28, 2004 the Board of the Carlsbad Municipal Water District approved a landmark Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) with Poseidon Resources. The vote clears the way for the public-private partnership between the City and Poseidon Resources to build a 50 million gallon per day desalination plant at the site of the Encina Power Station. The proposed $270 million desalination project is on track to be completed by 2008.

Since 1998, Carlsbad and Poseidon Resources have worked on a public-private partnership to construct the desalination plant. Approval of the WPA ensures that Carlsbad will secure a cost-certain, locally controlled, drought-proof supply of water with all risk borne by the private sector. The residents and businesses of Carlsbad, and the entire region, will receive the new supply of high-quality drinking water at a cost that never exceeds the price of imported water provided to the City by the San Diego County Water Authority.

Poseidon also announced the Carlsbad website: www.carlsbad-desal.com for more information on the Carlsbad desalination project and the WPA.