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Request for Proposals

Bid No.: 2001-37


Commodity: Consultant Services to the Water and Water Pollution Control Authority

Issued:  June 1, 2001
Due Date:  June 18, 2001
Submit to: William R. Hathaway, Purchasing Agent

City of New London
13 Masonic Street
New London, CT 06320

City of New London


Special Proposal and Contract Terms and Conditions

1. All Proposers shall submit a copy of their current Corporate Professional License (Certificate of Registration) or Connecticut

Professional License issued by the State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection.

2. All Proposers must submit resumes of key personnel who will be assigned to this project.

3. A Bid Bond will not be required for this project.

4. All Proposers must include a copy of their current Professional Errors and Omissions ("Claims Made") Certificate of Insurance. The selected Consultant will be required to name the City of New London as additional insured for the life of this project.

Specifications for Consultant Services

The City of New London Water and Water Pollution Control Authority (WWPCA) is seeking proposals from qualified engineering to firms to assist it with the preparation of bid specifications for Full Service Operation and maintenance of Water and Wastewater Systems for the City of New London. The current contract between the City of New London and U. S. Filter/Professional Serviices Group, Inc. will expire on March 24, 2001.

Services to be provided by the selected consultant will include, but not be limited to:

a. Preparation of specifications and bid documents;

b. Review and analysis of submitted bids;

c. Award recommendation for approval by the WWPCA and the City Council;

d. Negotiation of final contract terms and conditions and contract price;

e. Preparation of Contract Documents including scheduling of final contract signing by both parties.

The selected consultant will be expected to meet with members of the WWPCA, the Public Utilities Contract Administrator and other City officials as necessary.  

[for the full RFP contact Mr. Hathaway or Chertoff@waterindustry.org]