Commercial Services Contract Management Agreement

Request for Qualifications

The Milwaukee Water Works ("MWW"), a municipally owned water utility with approximately 160,000 connections serving the Milwaukee metropolitan area, is seeking qualified parties to enter into a competitive process to secure the contract for the management and operation of the Commercial Services portion of the utility. This document is a Request for Qualifications ("RFQ") from those parties interested in managing and operating the Commercial Services of the MWW.


Commercial Services Operations

The Commercial Services functions offered for contract management are defined to consist of five areas, consisting of but not necessarily limited to the following:


MWW Objectives

The objective of the MWW is to reduce operating costs by contracting with an independent third-party with the expertise and financial resources to update and streamline various elements of the Commercial Services operations. An additional objective is to improve the overall service provided to MWW customers through the utilization of innovative utility customer service and management practices. The above objectives must be met while adhering to Wisconsin Public Service Commission established regulations.


Successful candidates must, at a minimum, demonstrate familiarity with the following aspects of water utility operations and management or document relevant similar experience which demonstrates their ability to successfully meet the MWW objectives.

AA/EEOC guidelines/principles Lockbox arrangements
ACH payments Managing under Public Service
AMR systems Commission regulations and oversight
Call Center Mgt. Experience Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
Cash payment handling Program Involvement
Collections procedures M.U.P.S
Consumption based billing Transitioning public employees to private corporations
Employee Training Union contract management
AMR management Vehicle fleet management
IVR telephone system development and maintenance 24-hour customer service options software
Itron equipment & Enterprise

Successful respondents will also demonstrate the ability to create and implement innovative and leading edge utility based business practices to effect customer service improvements, management efficiencies and financial control.

Selection Criteria

The selection of RFQ respondents deemed qualified to receive the Request for Proposal ("RFP") will be based upon a weighted scoring system composed of the following criteria:

  • Relevant Experience
  • Management/Technical Resources & Innovation
  • Financial Resources
  • Employee Transition Practices
  • Record of Regulatory Compliance
  • Completeness and Responsiveness

RFQ respondents should format their response in accordance with the following outline:

A. Introductory Coverletter

B. Executive Summary

C. Company and Key Personnel Profile

D. Relevant Experience

E. Management/Technical Resources & Innovation

F. Financial Resources

G. Employee Transition Practices

H. Record of Regulatory Compliance

Contact Restrictions

All communications and contact relating to this RFQ may be made only to the designated contact person specified in the RFQ. No other contacts may be made with any individuals, committees, governmental or private, connected directly or indirectly with the MWW.

RFQ Response and Designated Contact

All questions must be submitted in writing via facsimile or email. The designated contact person for the RFQ process is:

Ms. Michele Nate, Water Business Manager

Frank P. Ziedler Municipal Building

841 North Milwaukee, Room 409

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Telephone: 1-(414)-286-5177

Facsimile: 1-(414)-286-2672


RFQ responses must be addressed and submitted to Ms Nate and clearly labeled:
"Re: Request for Qualifications - Commercial Services Contract Management."

All responses are due by 4:00 PM on April 12, 1999.
Any responses received after the deadline will not be considered and be returned to the respondent unopened.

Other Considerations

The MWW reserves all rights to change, alter, continue, discontinue, cancel, hold in abeyance, request additional information and to take any other action with respect to the RFQ or RFP that are deemed by the MWW in its sole discretion to be in its best interest.

The MWW assumes no liability for any costs incurred by respondents in responding to the RFQ, the subsequent RFP or any other actions taken by the respondents or requested of respondents by the MWW in connection with the RFQ or subsequent RFP.


All responses will be held in confidence until such time as they will be made available for public review, usually until an agreement is signed, in accordance with Wisconsin Public Records Law, Chapter 19, Subchapter II, Wisconsin Statutes. RFQ respondents selected to receive the RFP will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.