Answers to Questions Posed to Milwaukee Regarding RFQ

The attached document contains the answers to a number of questions submitted
by RFQ recipients. These answers are being provided to all recipients of the RFQ,
whether an individual company or an industry organization facilitating the distribution
of the RFQ.

Additional questions should be directed to Michelle Nate at the Milwaukee
Water Works as specified in the RFQ. Please keep in mind that this is the RFQ
phase of the project and companies are expected to submit their qualifications
as a viable contract manager to handle the tasks outlined in the RFQ.

Detailed information relative to the yet to be issued RFP will not be released
until the RFP is issued. Additionally, those selected to receive the RFP will
be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving the RFP.

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 March 31, 1999

 SUBJECT: Milwaukee Water Works RFQ for Commercial Services Contract


Dear RFQ Recipient:

The following information has been requested and is being provided to all respondents:

A list of the positions currently assigned to the functions offered for contract management:

             Utility Services Liaison – 1 position, management

Water Customer Service Supervisor – 1 position, management

Customer Service Representative III – 10 full time positions, 2 part-time positions union

Water Billing Services Manager – 1 position, management

Program Assistant I – 1 position, union

Office Assistant II – 2 positions, union

Chief Teller-Water - 1 position, management

Delinquent Accounts Supervisor – 1 position, management

Water Revenue Collector – 2 positions, union

Meter Reader Commercial – 3 positions, union

Accounting Assistant III – 2 positions, union

Accounting Assistant II – 2 positions, union

Meter Reader Supervisor – 1 position, management

Water Meter Investigator – 4 positions, union

Meter Reader Residential – 11 positions, union


6 management positions

39 union positions

The meter repair function is not part of the scope of the RFQ.

39 positions are affiliated with a union. AFSCME Local D.C. 48 represents all union positions in these areas.

The MUPS system is a client-server application, however, no distributed processing is occurring.

The Milwaukee Water Works does not seek to continue ownership of the billing system hardware/software to be used under a contract management scenario. The successful contractor would have responsibility for Y2K compliance.

The meter reading system is currently undergoing an upgrade to radio read technology. Anticipated completion is year end 1999.

Additional documentation on existing equipment/systems will be made available at the RFP stage of the process.

No extension of the April 12 submission date is anticipated. Please provide three copies of your response. Thank you for your interest.



Michelle Nate

Water Business Manager

Milwaukee Water Works