Lyonnais Des Eaux Wins Water Treatment Contract In China

BEIJING, Apr. 02, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) French company Lyonnais des Eaux Thursday announced it had signed joint ventures with two Chinese cities to build water treatment plants and supply drinking water to 700,000 people.

The contracts with southwestern Wanzhou and northeastern Changtu represent a total investment of $35 million, under which the company will finance, design and build the plants.

They also provide for the operation and management of the plants for 30 years, Suez Lyonnais des Eaux said in a statement.

The first stage of the Wanzhou plant is due to start production in early 2001 and when complete will have a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters a day, supplying 500,000 people.

In Changtu, the first stage of the plant will go into production in mid-2001 and will eventually have a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters for 200,000 people.

Together the contracts represent an estimated turnover of $400 million.

Lyonnais des Eaux, the water division of Suez Lyonnais des Eaux, supplies drinking water to 77 million people.