Friday, Dec. 21, 2001

New York Power Authority buys 8 fuel cell power plants for N.Y. City

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., Dec. 19, 2001 - UTC Fuel Cells, a unit of
United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), today announced the sale of
eight PC25TM fuel cell power plants to the New York Power Authority
(NYPA). The sale is one of UTC Fuel Cells' largest commercial orders

The 200-kilowatt PC25 units will produce power for, and reduce
emissions from, four wastewater treatment plants in New York City.
Waste gas produced in the water treatment process will fuel the power

"The New York Power Authority continues to be a leader in the adoption
of fuel cells to provide clean, reliable and efficient power for customers,"
said William T. Miller, president of UTC Fuel Cells, formerly known as
International Fuel Cells. "This most recent sale caps our best year ever
for commercial sales of PC25 power plants in the U.S., and we are
optimistic for another strong year in 2002."

The PC25 is the world's only commercially available fuel cell system. A
fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen and
oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. Because hydrogen is often
not readily available, the PC25 uses a fuel processor to convert
hydrocarbon fuels, typically natural gas, into a hydrogen-rich stream that
is fed into the fuel cell.

The PC25 is virtually pollution free. While a traditional generating system
produces as much as 25 pounds of pollutants to generate 1,000
kilowatt-hours of electricity, the PC25 power plant produces less than an

NYPA plans to install the units at wastewater treatment plants in
Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens. The units will run off
anaerobic digester gas, a byproduct of the treatment process that would
otherwise be burned, releasing pollution into the air.

With the addition of these eight units, a total of 17 PC25 power plants will
be supplying electricity for New York City area facilities. Other
installations include the police station in Manhattan's Central Park; North
Central Bronx Hospital and St. Vincent's Hospital on Staten Island and
the Conde Nast building at 4 Times Square.

UTC Fuel Cells has manufactured the PC25 power plant since 1991 and
has delivered more than 235 of them to customers in 19 countries on five
continents. Other applications range from a major postal facility in Alaska
to beer breweries in Japan.

Besides generating 200 kilowatts of electricity the PC25 provides more
than 900,000 BTUs of heat per hour that can be used for space heating,
domestic hot water heating, or absorption chilling and air conditioning.