Consulting to Water and Wastewater Utilities Weighs in at $10.2 Billion

BOSTON (BUSINESS WIRE) - A new study of spending by water and wastewater utilities shows that the market for consulting to water and wastewater utilities has grown to $10.2 billion. BTI*s exclusive research shows that 37% of this market comes from water utilities and the remaining $6.4 billion is being spent by wastewater utilities. While smaller in size, the spending at water utilities is growing faster.

"Utilities are planning spending increases across the 12 major service lines" says Michael B. Rynowecer, President of The BTI Consulting Group. "Consultants that can help their clients prioritize goals and get the most bang for the buck will win the new work," continues Rynowecer. "We also see soaring interest in information technology and outsourcing ." The study indicates new services such as information technology and outsourcing are going to triple in importance while traditional services will become more commodity like. BTI also found spending is geographically concentrated, with 50% of all spending located in 10 states.

BTI is the leading supplier of high impact, compelling, strategic information to all aspects of the environmental industry. The report, Market Opportunities in Consulting to Water and Wastewater Utilities 1999, will be available in late April 1999.