June 2, 1999

Contact: Janet Harris: 630/679-8879

Camden Water Improves Water Quality

Ahead of Schedule

CAMDEN, NJ – Camden Water L.L.C. announced today that it has completed its hydrant-flushing program, significantly improving the quality of water provided to City of Camden’s residents and businesses. The program was completed on May 21, one week ahead of schedule and without disruption to customers.

"When Camden Water assumed day-to-day control of the City’s water and wastewater system at the end of January, we promised that customers would quickly see an improvement in the quality of water coming from their taps," said Michael Belsante, President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Water L.L.C., the parent company of Camden Water. "After the spring flushing program, we have not only kept that promise, but kept it ahead of schedule."

Flushing is an important part of the regular maintenance program for water distribution systems. By opening each fire-hydrant in the system under controlled conditions, naturally occurring sediments in water distribution pipes are carefully removed from the system. It is usually completed twice a year, every six months, to improve and maintain water quality. Camden Water’s spring flushing program is one of the first steps in getting the City back on a regular cycle for this aspect of water system maintenance. Whereas previous flushing had been conducted only intermittently, Camden Water will conduct proper system-wide flushing on a regular six-month basis.

Camden Water staff worked from midnight to 5:30 a.m. every week night for the past five weeks to flush the system during the lowest time of water use in order to minimize service disruptions to as few customers as possible. The result is a water distribution system that delivers clearer water to Camden Water customers.

"Normally, within the industry, it is common to receive customer complaints when performing hydrant flushing because, although it is necessary to system maintenance, it can cause some short-term disruptions in service," Belsante continued. "The remarkable thing about our effort in Camden is that in five weeks of flushing, we received only one call. This speaks volumes about the quality of their work done by the staff of Camden Water and diligence to make sure customer service was not disrupted."

Regular maintenance of the City’s water system by Camden Water will improve water quality. Camden residents are reporting to Camden Water that the water from their taps is the clearest they have seen in years. Individual homeowners and property owners are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining water pipes at their residences and businesses.