California Bond Issue to Provide Half Billion Dollars For Water Supply

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) - Assembly Bill 564 (Machado) and Senate Bill 530 (Costa), identical measures placing a $1.8 billion water bond on the March 2000 ballot, passed out of their respective policy committees today with bipartisan support.

The bills are moving along together to allow both houses of the legislature to send a water bond measure to the Governor this year, and to the voters next year.

Key features of the bond are listed below.

Safe Drinking Water would receive $100 million.

Water supply, reliability and infrastructure are the largest components of the bond, at $500 million:

--   Conjunctive use projects are funded at $200 million.
--   Bay-Delta multi-purpose water management is funded at $300

	    Flood protection funding is dedicated to several individual
projects, totaling $445 million:

--   The Flood Protection Corridor Program is funded at $75 million.
--   Delta Levee Rehabilitation Program is funded at $75 million.
--   Flood Control Subventions of $190 million.
--   Urban Streams Restoration for $100 million.
--   Delta Enhancement Program is funded at $5 million.

	    Clean Water and Water Recycling Program would receive a total of
$305 million:

--   Non-point Source Control Program is funded at $100 million.
--   Clean Water Program is funded at $130 million.
--   Water Recycling Program is funded at $75 million.

	    Watershed Protection Programs are funded at $250 million:

--   Watershed Protection Program would receive $100 million.
--   Water and Watershed Education Program is funded at $50 million.
--   The River Protection Program is funded at $100 million.

	    Water Conservation Programs would receive $200 million:

--   Agricultural Water Conservation is funded at $50 million.
--   Groundwater Recharge Facilities would receive $40 million.
--   Infrastructure Rehabilitation is funded at $65 million.
--   Urban Water Conservation would receive $45 million.

AB 564 will now move to the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. SB 530 will be referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

ACWA is a statewide association whose 440 public agency members collectively are responsible for 90% of the water delivered in California.